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An island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, Samoa is part of the Polynesian region, with only a sparse population of 185,000. Lying in the South Pacific, Samoa also boasts some of the enticing sceneries there is. Located one half of the way between Hawaii and New Zealand, Samoa’s islands feature narrow coastal plains with volcanic, rocky mountains. One of its main islands, Upolu, features rugged sea cliffs, tropical rainforests and the capital Apia; while Savaii, despite its underdeveloped state, boasts of an unspoiled Samoan living, with people grouped together in small villages and living in traditional huts. If you are the type who seems to be always on the go, Samoa is the place to be. Here, time seems to slow still, as Samoans themselves doesn’t hurry much in going about their daily living, nary a care in the world. Adopt the Samoan way of thinking and imbibe this mood all throughout your stay. In Samoa, time will keep you company in the most relaxing way possible.

Comparing it with other Pacific Island capitals, Apia is a little shabby, small in size and with relatively few sights to behold. Its population also boasts of a meagre 40,000. However, the main gateway to the country, the Faleolo Airport, can be found here. Majority of travellers make a quick stop at Apia to organise their trip in the island, or recover from jet lag. Much of Samoa’s highlights can be found outside, accessible via a short drive. While in Samoa, take the time to visit Robert Louis Stevenson’s house and grave in Vailima. Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and a travel writer who spent his final years in Apia. The grave of the late poet atop Mt. Vaea also provides a scenic view to the east and across the Pacific. The Museum of Samoa is also a good place to visit. It features Lapita pottery and stone adze heads, which are used by early people who arrived to the island. Marvel at its good selection of historical photos, tattoos, and examples of Samoan birds. To imbibe the Samoan way of life, take a walk along the sea wall in the afternoon, and rub elbows with fellow local people and brush up on your Samoan phrase. Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is also an official underwater park in Apia and if you want to while away time, this is the place to be. Don’t also miss out the Piula Cave Pool which is located in the grounds of the church. Its spring-fed freshwater pool attracts locals and tourists to take a dip, swim, and explore the nearby caves.

Venturing out towards the larger and less developed Samoan Islands, Savaii is home to the lifeless lava fields as a result from the 1911 volcanic eruption. As a result, an attraction called the Mt. Matavanu Lava Fields features lavas that look like a barren moonscape. Nonetheless, most of the natural attractions in Savaii can be accessed on a village’s property. Some of these include the Dwarves cave that stretches for one kilometre, located in the northeast part of the island. Legend has it that the cave is home to a race of small people. However, it has not yet been proven since none has reached the end of the cave. Meanwhile, the Olemoe Falls is the most spectacular jungle waterfall in the island so make sure to not miss it.

How to get around within Samoa

Taxis are your best way of transportation in the island for they charged cheaply and can be found anywhere. If you prefer to take the public transportation, bus is your best bet. Buses ply out from two locations in Apia, one is close to the main market and one is behind the flea market. Meanwhile on Savaii, all routes begin near the ferry wharf at Salelologa.

How to get there

The main international airport, Faleolo International Airport, is a 45-minute drive from Apia. Air New Zealand provides flights from Auckland six time s a week. Meanwhile, Virgin Samoa, a subsidiary of Virgin Australia, started flying to Apia from several cities in Australia and New Zealand like Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne, and Auckland. On the other hand, Fiji Airways flies three times a week from Nadi in Fiji.