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Peaceful, unspoilt and surrounded by the beautiful waters of the South Pacific Ocean, Samoa is made up of four main islands. Across Upolu, Savaii, Manono and Apolima, you'll find friendly villages, beautiful beaches and lots of lovely places to explore. To the east, there's also the much smaller America Samoa, which is best known for the deep harbour at Pago Pago. It's the perfect holiday spot for anyone hoping to escape into their own personal paradise.

Apia, the capital of Samoa, is also its only real city. Found on the northern shore of Upolu Island, it's also Samoa's main port and has the lion's share of the country's restaurants, bars and tourist facilities. That said, there's plenty to recommend the smaller villages found across all four of the islands.

Samoans are well known throughout Polynesia for their sunny nature and even temper, so travellers can expect a warm welcome and chilled out stay in this tropical treasure. There are still very strong links between Samoa and New Zealand, who ruled the country between the World War One and 1962. Samoa was the first Pacific island country to attain independence and it still has a very strong sense of its native culture.

Listen out for the harmonious singing that accompanies church services on a Sunday and see if you can compete with the skills of the local fishermen on a boat trip to the best fishing spots. Stay in a rural village and sleep in an open Samoan Fale, a simple, natural shelter built with banana fronds for a roof, or visit in May to see traditional dances and sports during the Samoa Festival. The annual celebration also plays host the to breathtaking World Fire Knife Championship, in which dancers pay tribute to an ancient warrior tradition by dancing with flaming knives.

A visit to The Pulemelei Mound, Samoa's own ancient pyramid, on the Island of Savai'i offers an excellent excuse for a daytrip. The island is also home to the village Falealupo, which up until 2011 had the distinction of being the last place in the world to see the sunset. However, on 31 December 2011, Samoa skipped a day so that it could move onto the same International Date Line as Australia and New Zealand, ending the tradition.

Samoa also has an interesting tie to famous Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson, who brought his family to live on Upolu in 1890. He stayed there for the five years until his death and was affectionately known as Tusitala, the Storyteller. It's still possible to visit his home and tomb in the island's Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Reserve. Book cheap flights to Samoa with Skyscanner and you may also find that you never want to go home.


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