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Author: Rebecca Males

The Skyscanner Guide to Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

Cherry blossom season is almost here in Japan, and it’s one of the best times to visit this stunning country. However, there are tips and tricks to enjoying this festival the right way – and Skyscanner New Zealand has got you covered for all of them.

How to Use Skyscanner’s Multi-City Flights Search Tool

  • This simple guide will tell you how to book a round the world trip with Skyscanner New Zealand. – We’ve also included a bunch of recommendations for a multi city tour through Europe under our step-by-step guide.

How to Deal With Flight Anxiety

Last minute worrier? Always questioning whether your flight is on time or not? Check out these natural remedies and solutions for curing travel anxiety when flying. How to cope with flight anxiety: – Identify what’s causing the anxiety – Do a checklist to ensure you have everything ready for your flight, load your phone with a relaxing playlist for flight – Give yourself sufficient time to arrive at the airport, check-in, and reach your gate at boarding time to give you time to catch a breath and mentally prepare for your flight – Eliminate caffeine – Pick the right seat

Do Browser Cookies Increase Flight Prices?

You may have heard that websites store your information, once you’ve searched for a particular flight, so that when you return to the website they can increase the prices for that flight. There’s rationale there – they can make more money if you’re closer to clicking ‘Pay Now’. ##Skyscanner New Zealand have investigated the situation, and fortunately, this is just a travel myth.

How to Earn Frequent Flyer Points (Without Flying)

Did you know a road trip in New Zealand, using the right credit card for points and renting out an AirBnB, could accumulate 500 Frequent Flyer points? You can tot up extra miles just doing your groceries too. Skyscanner New Zealand shows you how to earn frequent flyer points without leaving the country.

NZ Ski Fields: 5 family ski holidays that won’t break the bank

All geared up for the ski season with your kids? Skyscanner New Zealand shares our top budget holidays for families who love to ski and snowboard in winter!

6 ways to make Economy feel like First Class

Not all of us can afford the ritz and glitz of flying first class, but with a few tweaks, you can make your economy class flight feel like a first class experience. Skyscanner New Zealand shares our tips to improve your flight experience.

8 Ways to Save When Exchanging Foreign Currency

We’ve all been there… it’s 4 hours prior to boarding the plane, and you realise you haven’t exchanged any foreign currency. Fear not: Skyscanner New Zealand has plenty of tips for exchanging foreign currency and using money abroad! Here we share our advice on changing money prior to travelling, avoiding ATM fees, and how to get the most when you do decide to exchange (we also bust myths about traveller’s cheques and using your credit card overseas!).

Top 10 Sunny Getaways to Escape the Kiwi Winter

Here are 10 hot spots to escape the wintry July, August and September months – and soak in lots of sunshine!