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Car Hire in Atqasuk

Car Hire in Atqasuk Car rental for Atqasuk, Alaska, is typically arranged in other neighbouring areas. Atqasuk is a small rural village with rather limited commercial facilities. There is an airport, primarily due to the fact that the area has few roads and relies on bush planes for most of the mail and goods delivery.

Car Hire at Atqasuk Airport Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport (ATK) is the local airport. Like many airports in Alaska, it is uncontrolled and has a single landing strip. Due to its low total annual traffic, it is classified as a general aviation facility. However, it may surprise you to learn that it averages at least 44 flights a month, many of them classified as air taxi service.

It is not necessary to hire a car at Atqasuk airport to get to town. The airport is located just 1.2 miles from the central business district of Atqasuk, Alaska. This is good news because you cannot currently rent a car at Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport. Due to the small number of regional vehicles, ride-sharing is the most common way that residents here get around.

Driving in Atqasuk If you hire a car for Atqasuk, be prepared for challenging driving conditions. This will be more true during some parts of the year than others. Alaskan seasons are extreme, and none of the roads here are paved. You will either be driving on ice or in ruts and mud. The village is small enough to be pedestrian-friendly. In fact, most locals walk to work. If you do arrange for car hire in Atqasuk, ask for a four-wheel-drive vehicle. You will need this feature in this very remote part of the world.

Parking in Atqasuk If you choose to rent a car for Atqasuk, Alaska, finding parking will not be a problem. The United States Census Bureau indicates that the city has a total area of 42.3 square miles. More than 90 percent of it is land, for a total of 38.9 square miles of space. Meanwhile, although it has grown substantially, the most recent population figures for 2014 show just 241 people. You and your car rental in Atqasuk will often have the road to yourself and your choice of where to park.

Where to Go and What to See in Atqasuk If you do choose to hire a car in Ataqasuk, you can expect to explore the great outdoors. This is a small town with access to pristine Alaska wilderness. Wildlife and fish are the two biggest draws here. As it is in the arctic circle, ice floes can give glimpses of polar bears and walrus if you know where to look. There are some mountain streams that flow north into this area, which can give you an opportunity to fish for arctic char and salmon. Hunting parties looking for Dall's sheep and caribou are also possible to find and are one of the most common reasons for visitors to this north pole city.

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