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Car Hire in Cancun


Car Hire in Cancun

This information is correct as of August 2015.

Cancun, an important tourist destination in south-eastern Mexico on the Caribbean Sea, boasts of numerous attractions that are best accessed and travelled around by car. The city is served by a wide range of car hire agencies; browse and book through Skyscanner for convenience and peace of mind that you will already have a rental vehicle waiting for you upon arriving in Cancun.

Where to hire a car in Cancun

Being a major tourism destination and key city in Mexico, Cancun has many car hire companies in tow that are present within the business district. Most of the car hire companies are settled along the major roads, including the Punta Nizuc – Cancun Highway, Kukulcan Boulevard, Route 307, and Route 180. Several others can also be found in the airport, while others can be found outside the city centre. Most of the car hire companies, especially local ones, bet on competitive prices, while bigger rental companies rely on their service and their vast range of car offerings and other services. Some of the car hire companies in the city include Cancun Car Rental by Hello Car Rental, Red Car Rental, Mexico Car Rental, America Car Rental, Rent A Matic, Excellence Car Rental, Speed Car Rental, Escape Car Rental, On-Time Car Rental, Prime Car Rental, Caribbean Car Rental, America Car Rental, Cancun Best Deal Car Rental, and Muscaria Car Rental. There are companies that specifically offer economical cars, while others offer newer sports car types. Some even offer trucks and limousines, while others offer camper vans for travellers who wish to go on long trips around the country.

What to expect when hiring a car from Cancun

Generally, most roads around the city centre and near the bigger establishments have light to moderate traffic, with certain sections that experience heavy or slow-moving traffic. This sectional heavy traffic usually happens along the main Andres Quintana Roo, through the Carr Cancun-Tulum Road, and along the Route 180 road. The Cancun – Punta Cancun Road, which traverses along the Caribbean through El Rey, experiences light to moderate traffic, perfect for a diverting drive. If heading out of Cancun to other areas, most main roads such as the Route 180D experiences light to moderate traffic only, which make it fairly easy to drive.

Getting to your destination

A two-pronged city that presents itself as the perfect summer getaway, Cancun is a wonder of the Yucatan Peninsula. The beautiful white sand beaches here are lined by glitzy hotels, energetic party areas, and sophisticated seafood restaurants, while its inner core – which is the city itself – presents a taste of local flavours through the country's famous tacos or even through the neighbourhood bars. Needless to say, Cancun is really interesting – it is a place where you can relax and then pound the ground with your dance moves.

From the airport, Cancun can be reached by travelling through the Carr Tulum-Cancun or Mexico 307/Route 307, all the way towards the city centre.

Since the Spanish conquest of Mexico, Merida has been the cultural capital of the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Sometimes provincial, and at times very cosmopolitan, it is a town that is filled with colonial history – reeking with evidences of Mexico's past. Narrow streets, broad central plazas, and the region's best museums await here, along with cheap food finds, good to great hostels and hotels, and thriving markets that are waiting to be explored.

From Cancun, get on Mexico 180D and drive towards the direction of Merida. Follow Car. Costera del Golfo/Valladolid – Merida/Mexico 180 O to Calle 57A in Merida. Tolls are to be expected.

Playa del Carmen
Known as the third largest city in Quintana Roo, Playa del Carmen is a cool spot just a few miles away from Cancun. The town's beaches are favourites for European travellers; and although the waters and the beaches have its imperfections, it makes it up with its wonderful reefs that offer superb experiences for diving enthusiasts.

Playa del Carmen can be reached by heading west towards Calle Prolong. Avenida Kabah through Mexico 307 from Cancun, and all the way towards Avenue Constituyentes.

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