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Car Hire in Elba Island

Elba Island hosts three main car rental locations. One located at the airport is ideal for travellers flying in from London or Italy. If you prefer to rent a car on Elba Island, there are two other locations, including one in Ciale and one in Calata. You can rent everything from sporty compact convertibles for enjoying the sunshine to larger cars for families.

Car Hire at Elba Island Airport

Located approximately 30 minutes from the centre of town along SP29, Elba Island Airport (EBA) was originally opened as a grass airstrip that served passengers travelling to and from Tuscany and the surrounding areas. Since then, the airport has grown to handle several regional airlines. In 2013, a new terminal opened with shopping, restaurants and an agency for car rental on Elba Island.

Driving in Elba Island

Using a hire car on Elba Island is worthwhile. There are several main roads that travel through the area and lead east to the largest city of Portoazzurro. It’s virtually impossible to get lost because the island is small and only 6.2 miles long. You can make the round trip in a single day. Roads are curved and narrow, though easy to navigate.

Portoferralo is a port on the island with bakeries, cafés and high-end clothing shops. Take a tour of the Volterraio Castle, which locals claim is haunted. The villages are small and visitors make use of the car parks and walk along the narrow streets. There are no posted speed limits, so it’s best to go just keep with the flow of traffic.

Parking in Elba Island

There are a couple of car parks available for hire cars on Elba Island. One is located near the Marciana Marina on the north end of the island. This is near numerous souvenir shops, markets, restaurants and the ferry. Another is located on the south end, near the beach at Campo nell’Elba, and the last is on SP30 in Capoliveri Li. Parking is inexpensive and you can pay by the day or the hour. You might want to leave your car rental for Elba Island in the car park and walk the local area. Parking in a no parking area warrants a fine.

Where to Go and What to See in Elba Island

Start your trip in a rent a car on Elba Island at Portoferraio. It’s the largest city located along the northern coast and where the ferry drops off visitors from Tuscany. Walk through the historical sites of Forte Falcone and the Chiesa Reverenda. Stroll along Padulella Beach to enjoy the white sand and blue waters. Drive along the coast for approximately 10 miles to the small fishing village of Marciana Marina. There are several bars and restaurants if you want to stop for something to eat. You can also rent a boat and go fishing or walk along the promenade and enjoy the live music. To go somewhere quieter, drive about 20 miles east to Rio nell’Elba and visit the Archaeological Museum of the Mining District.

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