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Bermuda, also referred to as the Bermudas or Somers Isles, is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the east coast of North America. The nearest landmass in the territory is Cape Sable island in Canada, which is located approximately 1,000 kilometres north of the Caribbean. Its capital city and its administrative centre is Hamilton.

Bermuda's economy is mainly based on offshore insurance, reinsurance, and tourism. Bermuda is also famous as the northernmost point of the Bermuda Triangle, a region of sea which, according to legend, is a danger zone for aircraft and surface vessels. The island is also part of the hurricane belt, and prone to severe weather.

Where to go from Bermuda

Bermuda is known as one of the more beautiful spots in the Caribbean. Not to say that there are inferior spots in the Caribbean per se, but Bermuda has its own flare. Apart from the beaches and the expected water activities, Bermuda also has particular places of interest that are interesting, significant, and beautiful.

Cristobal Colon - This 1923 Spanish liner, which ran aground 13 kilometres in the northern part of Bermuda, is the largest ship ever to wash up in the waters of the island. The fateful incident has created a fine wreck dive site now, and a favourite spot for divers to discover.

Royal Naval Dockyard - When the British were no longer able to use ports in their former American Colonies, they chose a particular site in Bermuda to use as their own version of Gibraltar, thus giving birth to the Royal Naval Dockyard. Previously, it functioned like a naval and military airbase, but today, it is now one of the popular spots in Bermuda. Within the dockyard lies interesting sites, including the Keep, which is a sprawling fortress on the edge of the dockyard, the Bermuda Maritime Museum, and the Commissioner's House, which have been renovated as an arcade and museum.

Bailey's Bay - A quaint village on the north-eastern side of Hamilton Parish, Bailey's Bay offers an enjoyable little walking trail, an abundance of caves, and many water-filled grottoes. It also has an attractive beachfront, a few bars, and Bermuda's most distinct and traditional restaurants.

Hamilton – Dubbed as Bermuda's nucleus, the City of Hamilton is the hub of politics, commerce, and geography. Although traditional in all the sense of the word, Hamilton shows a rather beautiful balance of embracing the present and the past.

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From Bermuda, the only long haul flight is to London. London is the capital and the largest city of the United Kingdom, known as an international and global city and a hub for almost all industries in Europe. It is also a major tourism and entertainment destination, a major fashion city, and a historical and cultural one. When visiting London, see the Buckingham Palace, the Natural History Museum, and the London Tower. Travellers may reach London via Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport.

How to get out

L.F. Wade International Airport is the main and only airport of Bermuda. It is located in the parish of St. George’s, about 11 kilometres away from central Hamilton. Airlines that serve the airport include Air Canada, American Airways, British Airways, Delta, and many others.

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