Cheap flights from Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island or Bouvetoya is an uninhabited Sub-Antarctic volcanic island and nature reserve of the country, Norway. Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, it lies at the southern end of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and is the most remote island of the world, approximately 2,200km southwest of the coast of South Africa, and approximately 1,700km north of Princess Astrid Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Further, the island is covered with glacier, and at the centre, an ice-filled crater of an inactive volcano can be found.

As said, it is uninhabited territory, with vegetation limited to fungi and non-vascular plants such as mosses and liverworts, although the island is an important bird area due to the fact that it is an important breeding ground for sea birds.

Where to go

There are no domestic destinations in the area as the Bouvet Island is an uninhabited place – a void Sub-Antarctic territory of Norway. It is a national nature reserve for the country, and a research facility with extreme weather conditions and 93% glaciated terrains. The remaining 7% of the area are occupied by volcanoes.

Short Haul 

There are no short haul flights from this destination because the island does not have airport facilities nor it has inhabitants and even electricity. The island is used as a research facility and a meteorological station, so flying down the area is only possible through helicopters commissioned by the government.

Long Haul 

There are no long haul flights coming from Bouvet Island due to the fact that this Norwegian territory is uninhabited. Norway is also strict in allowing casual tourists to go to the island, since there's not much to see, and the climate is extreme.

How to get out

There are no flights going out of the island except for research facility helicopters and sometimes, government jets.  

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