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Unspoilt mountainscapes, craggy ridges, and rolling pastures make up the terrain in Kyrgyzstan, one of the little-known countries in North Asia. One will also meet here several semi-nomadic shepherd cultures, which live a simple way of life in the countryside. When visiting here, tourists will find various rural attractions in the high altitude. This makes timing crucial, as the weather can be quite inhospitable between October and May, with the accommodations closing down.

With a history spanning nearly 2,000 years and encompassing various cultures and empires, Kyrgyzstan stands at the crossroads of civilisations. Its location as part of the Sulk Road and other commercial and cultural routes has made it vulnerable to foreign domination. It only attained sovereignty as a free nation only after the Soviet Union broke up in 1991. Such events make Kyrgyzstan fascinating to learn more about, especially for tourists out to explore more of the off-the-beaten-track countries in the Eurasian region.

Where to go

Bushkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, makes a green sight with a mountain backdrop. One can visit here the State Historical Museum, which features various splendid faux-bronze or copper reliefs and bold ceiling murals that once served as a Lenin Museum. Various mementos and portraits of martyrs can be found here about the 2010 revolution. The top floor also shows a section on ethnology and archaeology. There are also exhibits on Scythian gold with the originals locked away. From here, tourists can move to the Frunze House Museum, which was said to be the birthplace of Mikhail Vasilievich Frunze, for whom the city was named for a time after his death. One can also find here Ala-Too Square, which was surveyed by a triumphant statue of Manas, the nominal centre of Bishkek.

Tourists out to see more of Kyrgyzstan can also check out Southern Issyk-Kol, a scenic route to the Cholpan-Ata resorts. Limited sections of this road have a lake view between Tamga and Tosor, which makes it an entrancing view for tourists on a trip. From here, tourists can reach the Kumtor Gold Mine, the world's eighth-largest gold field. It produces a portion of the country's GDP. The Barskoon Waterfall is also within reach here, where some hold picnics, while some ride on yachts to get a closer view of the falls.

Kazakhstan, the most economically advanced country in the -stan region, features a variety of attractions. Astana, its capital, is an architectural showpiece with its bold futuristic buildings towering over the skyline. It has risen with various landmarks such as Khan Shatyr, a 150-metre high translucent tent-like structure made of a heat-absorbing material that makes the interior feel warm even when a frigid weather lies outside. From here, one can move to the Presidential Cultural Centre, which houses an excellent museum with collections of Kazakh jewellery and various gold crafts. Replicas of the Golden Man from Western Kazakhstan, as well as a bejewelled replica of a horse from the Berel tomb can also be found here with other marvellous items.

The Bayterek Monument, a 97-metre high landmark, can be splendid to behold because of its form. This white latticed tower crowned by a large glass orb embodies an old Kazakh legend. There is also the Palace of Independence to see here, which shows off a huge scale model of how Astana is planned to look like in 2030.

Although relatively near, Azerbaijan can be hard to reach from Kyrgyzstan as it can take more than nine hours to reach this part of Asia. Those going here will find the trip worthwhile, however, due to the range of ancient historical empires. Rural villages, lush orchards, and the great Caucasus mountains should not be missed. Baku, the capital, features a number of sights to visit. One will find here the Maiden's Tower, a tapering 29-metre stone edifice that also serves as an architectural icon for the city. Estimated to be millennia old, its origins had become a subject of fairy tales, each one romantically tragic than the last.

From here, one can turn to the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a sandstone palace complex that serves as the seat of northeastern Azerbaijan's ruling dynasty during the Middle Ages. One will also find here the main palace apartments with a collection of old coins, pots, sepia photos, and paintings.

How to get out

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