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A beach vacation can be lacking without charming villages, picturesque sceneries, and archaeological treasures. Leros, an island of Greece near the shores of Turkey, has got all of these attractions. Tourists going this way can arrange for various activities after landing upon Leros Municipal Airport, the port of entry to the island. Although a bit away from the centre, Leros Airport makes it convenient to visit this island, which is a refreshing alternative to other more crowded parts of Greece.

Located about 39 ft above sea level with a relatively short runway measuring 3,320 ft, Leros Airport is a transportation hub for passengers arriving on a number of small regular passenger planes. It connects a few major cities, allowing travellers to visit from popular parts of the country. This allows for a well-rounded Greek vacation, which will be enjoyable given the fascinating attractions of the Greek archipelago.

Where to go

Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, makes another splendid destination in Greece. Beaches, wooded valleys, and ancient historic sites abound here, with modern conveniences such as bars and restaurants. One can start with looking around Rhodes Town, where layers of architectural history can be found. The Palace of the Great Masters, a grand structure dating from the 14th century, is a major landmark here. Destroyed in a gunpowder explosion in 1856, the Italians rebuilt it magnificently with a lavish interior. Those going here will find a museum where displays of sculpture, mosaics from Kos, and antique furniture can be seen. Hora, an old neighbourhood, can also be part of the itinerary because of its Ottoman past. The Turks converted churches to mosques here, with the most important being the pink-domed colourful Mosque of Suleyman. An 18th-century Muslim Library can also be visited here, which houses some Persian and Arabic manuscripts and a collection of Korans.

When in Greece, one must not forget to schedule a trip to Kalymnos. This rugged place of cliffs and turquoise bays features a large number of attractions, such as the Archaeological Museum. It is packed with a vast collection of artefacts dating from 2,500 BCE. There is also the Nautical and Folklore Museum that features traditional regional clothing and the history of the sponge diving. The Castle of the Knights of St John is also often visited here, as its ruins feature great views with a heavy weight of historic value from the small church inside the battlements.

Tourists going to nearby destinations can check out the rich cultural country of Turkey. The modern and industrial city of Bursa can be found here. Known as the first Ottoman capital, Bursa features a number of attractions from the Ottoman landmarks and parks to the soaring summits of Mt Uludag, a premier ski resort. This UNESCO World Heritage site is an exciting place to explore for structures such as Emir Sultan Camii that features the Ottoman Baroque style – a combination of baroque and rococo. There is also the Yesil Camill with its Seljuk architecture with Ottoman styling, greenish-blue tiles, and diverse calligraphy.

Those fond of checking out museums, on the other hand, can take off for Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum. It houses medieval Iznik ceramics, mihrab curtains, embroidery, dervish artefacts, and other special items that are fascinating to behold. From here, one can continue on to Ulumay Museum of Ottoman Folk and Costumes Jewellery. One will find here about a number of different pieces of costumes and jewellery before checking out the gardens and parks in the area.

Japan, one of the oldest and greatest civilisations in the world, is one of the most fascinating places to be in the Pacific region. Kyushu and its southwestern mainland feature some of the most beautiful and interesting spots in the country with its active volcanoes, beaches, and onsen (public bathing houses). One will also find here famous historic spots such as Kagoshima where the Meiji restoration first occurred. Those going here can visit the Museum of the Meiji Restoration, which allows tourists to better understand the social context of the times, from education to samurais and their sword techniques. Those getting cold (or looking to experience) can then venture to Rotemburo Shrine or any of the onsen in the area. In Rotemburo, guests are given bathing kimono to wear in the water, so men and women guests can bathe together.

From here, tourists can trace the origin of the legends of Japan in Miyazaki Prefecture. One will find here the Ama-no-Iwanto-jinja, a lovely Shinto shrine honouring the cave where Amaterasu hid. Although tourists cannot go to the cave itself, one can check out the Ama-no-Yasukawara, a deep cave where legends said that thousands of deities discussed how to lure Amaterasu from her hiding place. From here, tourists can explore the surrounding environment such as Takachiho Gorge with its waterfall, overhanging rocks, and sheer walls.

How to get out

Those who want to visit other destinations from Leros can take off via a connecting flight from Leros Municipal Airport. Olympic Air serves here, transporting passengers between the area, as well as Astypalaia, Athens, Kalymnos, Kos, and Rhodes. Those who want to reach a broader range of destinations can connect to Athens for local and international flights to various other places.

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