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The federal state of Bremen is the smallest of Germany's 16 Federal States. The state consists of two separated enclaves, the state capital Bremen (Stadtgemeinde Bremen) and the city of Bremerhaven (Stadt Bremerhaven). The capital, Bremen, gained importance through classic maritime trading, in particular with coffee. The said capital is located in north-western Germany along the Weser river about 60 kilometres south from its estuary mouth on the North Sea. The whole state is populated with 660,000 people (2012), and has a total land area of 408 square kilometres.
What to see & do
Universum Science Centre – The Universum Bremen is a science museum located in the city of Bremen, one of the two cities in the state of the same name. It is an interactive museum opened in 2000 near the University of Bremen that covers over 4,000 square metres of approximately 250 exhibits. It is designed with 40,000 stainless steel scales, creating and resembling a mixture between a whale and a mussel. All the exhibits are related to one of the three topics: mankind, earth, and cosmos. Other exhibits are being held at the outdoor EntdeckerPark, and a new building Schaubox. The EntdeckerPark is a 5,000-square metre outdoor area which offers a number of hands-on exhibits and landscape elements, while the SchauBox is a supplementary exhibition hall for the main Universum Bremen.
Bremen Roland – Probably one of the most iconic statues in the state, Roland of Bremen is a statue which stands in the market square or Rathausplatz of Bremen in Germany. It faces the cathedral, and shows Roland, the paladin of the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne and hero of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass. Roland is shown as protector of the city, with his legendary sword 'Durendal' unsheathed and his shield up and emblazoned with the two-headed imperial eagle. Legend has it that Bremen will remain free and independent for as long as Roland stands watching over the city. For this reason, it is alleged that a second Roland statue is kept hidden in the town hall's underground vaults, which can be quickly installed should the original fall. As of this writing, the original statue still stands unscathed.
St. Peter's Cathedral in Bremen – The Bremen Cathedral, Bremer Dom, or the St. Petri Dom zu Bremen, is a 1,200-year-old iconic church set in the market square of Bremen that is dedicated to St. Peter. The cathedral belongs to the Bremian Evangelical church, a member of the Protestant umbrella organisation named Evangelical Church in Germany.  It is the proto-cathedral of the former Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen. The whole cathedral shows various influences in the past, how the church adapted and became what it is now, and various traditions that have been recorded in history. Two interesting traditions with a connection to the cathedral is that when a man reaches the age of 30 and is not married, he must sweep the cathedral steps until a young lady gives him a kiss and then he is released from his duty. Another is women who reach their 30th birthday unmarried go to polish the cathedral doorknobs in the company of friends and family until they are released by the kiss of a young man.
Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum – The Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum in Bremen is the first museum in the world dedicated and devoted to a female artist. Modersohn-Becker was one of the most important early Expressionists, and the museum features key works from each of her creative periods. Since 1973, the building has been listed under the monument protection act, and is run by the Bottcherstrasse GmbH company.
How to get around Bremen
Shared cars/shuttles, buses, street-cars, taxis, bike rentals, and cars are the modes of transport in Bremen. Walking is also suggested especially for those who are exploring the old city and its surrounding districts.
How to get there
The Bremen Airport is located in the southwest of the town and offers flights to most bigger German cities and some international European destinations. Airlines that travel to the destination include OLT, Ryanair, and Lufthansa.

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