Cheap Flights to French Guiana

Guiana, officially French Guiana, is an overseas department of France situated in South America's Amazonia region. It contains a coast in the North Atlantic Ocean and is bordered to the east and south by Brazil and to the west by Suriname. The region covers an area of 83,534km2 with the biggest overseas French region by land area, and has a very low population density. The capital of French Guiana is the metropolitan area Cayenne, wherein half of the country's residents live. Its other cities are Kourou, Saint-Laurent, and Saint-Georges.

Iles du Salut - The Islands of Salvation are a group of small islands of volcanic origin located in the Atlantic Ocean, 11km off the coast of French Guiana. The islands earned its name because it was the site where missionaries went to escape the mainland and its plague. Its main attractions are Devil's Island, where political prisoners were held, and the Iracoubo Church which was painted by hand by a famous convict named Huguet.

Centre Spatial Guyanais - Guiana Space Centre is a French and European spaceport. A spaceport is a site for launching and receiving spacecraft, and the centre's location in Kourou passed the two major geographical requirements for such a facility; it is close enough to the equator to provide some extra velocity to the spacecraft, and has an inhabited territory to the east and therefore avoids the risk of debris falling on human habitations.

Mouragues Nature Reserve - The nature reserve that stretches from Roura to Régina is one of the most popular tourist attractions of French Guiana. Visitors will be able to observe a wide diversity of flora, as well as numerous bird species at the Kaw Swamps (including Toco toucans and flamingos).

Maison de la Reserve Natural L’amana - Another sought-after destination in French Guiana, the famous nature reserve contains one of the largest nesting sites for giant leatherback turtles in the world. There is also a small museum that provides more in depth information on the turtles. The turtles lay their eggs from April to July but it's during July to September, when the eggs hatch and the tiny turtles make their way to the sea, when the reserve is most popular both for tourists and locals.

How to get around within French Guiana

Public transportation in French Guiana is limited, although there are a few minibuses that link together the major towns. Fares per route are fixed. Visitors may take a bus from the airport to the city centre. As for the waterways, there are native boats or pirogues for most routes, but there are also small oceangoing vessels, as well as coastal and river streamers.

How to get there

French Guiana is not considered as part of the Schengen territory, therefore getting in from some neighbouring countries such as Brazil and Suriname might prove to be more difficult that going into Paris. The national airport is Cayenne – Félix Eboué Airport, found in the commune of Matoury, 13km southwest of the Cayenne's city centre. It houses the head office of Air Guyane Express. Other airlines that serve the airport are Air Caraïbes, which flies to Paris, Air France, which also operates to Paris and to Pointe-à-Pitre and Martinique, and Surinam Airways, which flies to Belém in Brazil and Zanderij in Suriname.  

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