Cheap Flights to Montserrat

Southeast of Puerto Rico lies the former crown colony now British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. The island is located in the Leeward Islands, part of the chain of islands known as the Lesser Antilles, and is inhibited by various races like West Africans, Creoles, Mulattos, British, and even Irish. Its capital de jure city, Plymouth, has seen of the worse tragedies from its inception – a series of volcanic eruptions beginning in 1995 that destroyed and devastated the lower half of the island, converting it into an ash-covered wasteland. Although today, the world is seeing Montserrat rise through its rich tropical life coupled with 'disaster tourism', a type of tourism concerning visiting sites like volcanoes (day trips), as well as through rum production and partly agriculture. Settlements began to spring again in Montserrat's unaffected northern half, and travellers are being treated through the country's old tag line, “The way the Caribbean used to be.”

Known to many as “The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean”, the country's primary attraction is its beautiful beaches and views of the city from the coast. Like any other Caribbean island, Montserrat has its fair share of the seas: the stunning blues, and the fresh aquamarines. The Rendezvous Bay, the only white sandy beach in Montserrat offers not only a beautiful crescent shore line of white sand, but also water activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and the like. From the sea, fresh produce like fishes and shellfish are served to tourists in various Creole dishes, a fusion of Latin American and European cuisines. Further, volcano-related trips, such as visiting the ash-covered sites in the city of Plymouth can also be taken, while viewing the volcano can be done within the safe radius from the Montserrat Volcano Observatory or the Jack Boy Hill. Aside from this, the country also has popular hiking trails such as the Oriole Walkway, passing through the tropical Centre hills to the top of Lawyer's mountain, where a bird's eye view of the island can be seen, and where animals like the black and yellow Montserrat Oriole can be sighted. Other reptiles appear from time to time, if lucky. Montserrat also has its share of natural landmarks, like the Runaway Ghaut (pronounced as gut), as well as halls for performances such as the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

How to get around within Montserrat

Montserrat has one main road that stretches along the coast on the east and west sides of the islands. Cars can be rented and traffic is mild, although a temporary Montserrat driver's licence should be secured if opting for this transport mode. Licences are available at the police station in Brades or Salem. Taxis and minibuses run mostly during the day, and bicycle rentals are also available. Hitch-hiking is legal and safe during the day until the early evening – just point to the direction of one's destination. More so, walking can be enjoyable as well, if up for some trekking since the roads traverse very steep hills.

How to get there

The John A. Osborne Airport is the primary public airport going to and from Montserrat, although the destinations covered are limited to the surrounding islands of the Caribbean like Anguilla, Barbados, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and others. Also, planes here are limited to twin-propellers or helicopters, with a maximum of six passengers aboard, and limited baggage. It is advised to take flights from departure countries that have direct flights to Latin America, the UK or the US first, before taking chartered flights to the said airport. Another suggestion is to travel from departure countries to Latin America or the US, or even to UK, then ride a ship or a ferry to the islands. This will take a little while, though. 

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