Cheap Flights to Niue Island

Niue (pronounced as New-ay) is an independent island country in the South Pacific Ocean, located some 2,400 kilometres North East of New Zealand, and found within the triangle formed by Tonga, Samoa, and Cook Islands. Commonly referred to as the “Rock of Polynesia,” the country's land area measures 269 square-kilometres – relatively small compared to the other Pacific Polynesian nations. The country is a self-governing state with free association with New Zealand, and most of its diplomatic relations are conducted by New Zealand on its behalf.

More than the Pacific coasts surrounding the country, Niue has charmed quite a number of tourists who are up for some adventure. Most activities include explorations, walking on virgin rainforests, and mingling with the country’s nearly 1,500 inhabitants, who – conveniently – speak Commonwealth English. Moreover, the country is a coral atoll, and is a Polynesian cultural heritage site at its finest, so get going and discover Niue!

What to see & do

Fakaalofa lahi atu! (Hello!) Defy and discover the island nation Niue and go home a changed man. Set foot on an adventure to the hidden treasures of this island and bask on the Pacific sun while doing all the activities worth doing.

Water activities in Niue – being surrounded with water and being founded on a coral atoll, Niue is gifted with beautiful marine biodiversity which captivates every tourist who come to the island country. Go diving in the country's pristine waters, snorkelling, fishing, and encountering whales and dolphins – which is very legal (Niue is one of the remaining countries who allow tourists to freely have a close encounter with these mammals) in the country.

Trekking in Niue – dotted around the entire island are well-maintained tracks and a range of scenic walks. All tracks in the country hold a very special surprise at the end – whether it’s a hidden lagoon, jagged coral pinnacles, spectacular caves, or even diving spots to a small pool. Travellers should not miss out on trekking in places such as Avaiki, Palaha, Talava Arches, and Togo Chasm, which are some of the more beautiful spots for walking and trekking.

Sights in Niue – beaches are one thing, but the interior of the city is another. The country and its capital Alofi, is in fact, gifted with a handful of city (or town – interchanged loosely here) sights which tell the history and the culture of the Niueans.

Cuisine in Niue – appealing cafes and a variety of traditional buffets are readily available in Niue, and are usually coupled with cultural performances that are charming and beautiful. Nightlife destinations are also available – just ask around for directions.

How to get around Niue

The 64-kilometre road circling Niue is mostly sealed, as most inland routes between the main town of Alofi and the surrounding villages. Local sea and bush tracks connect everything else, making the trip humbling and very adventurous. To conveniently go around the vicinity, it is highly suggested for travellers to rent a car, a motorbike, or a bicycle. There are various car and motorbike rentals around the island, as well as bicycle rentals.

How to get there

The Niue International Airport is an international airport serving the island nation of Niue. It is the main gateway of the world to the town of Alofi, serving Air New Zealand which flies twice a week between the country and Auckland. For travellers coming from outside Auckland, it is suggested to schedule a flight to Auckland first, then a charter to Niue. For cheap flights and schedules, check out Skyscanner. Skyscanner is an online source of the cheapest flights from over 600 airlines, including Air New Zealand. Book flights with Air New Zealand through the website,, or download the free Skyscanner app available for mobile devices.

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