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Getting out in nature is the primary activity tourists will find when they get to Palau. This island country has a treasury of landscapes and marine sights set in the Pacific Ocean with the Philippines, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Indonesia as its nearest neighbours. Its isolated position and lack of industrial development promotes an environmentally-friendly condition which allows the local flora and fauna to thrive.
Although a geographical part of Micronesia, Palau prefers to keep itself independent. One reason for this may be its recent achievement of full sovereignty in 1994 which came about after years of foreign occupation. It was once part of the Spanish East Indies in 1885, sold to Imperial Germany in 1899, conquered by the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War I, and was held by the United States for many years after World War II. The people living here endured this long history, which makes Palau an interesting country to visit.
What to see & do
A trip to Palau can engage tourists who love going into the water. Snorkelling is the primary activity here, as one can take off to dive into the deep and explore the reefs, hidden caves and tunnels, shipwrecks, and other fascinating underwater scenes. It is one of the must go to places in the world to view an amazing group of coral, fish and rare marine creatures. What makes a trip going here more astonishing is the unique sights such as giant clams that weigh so heavy on the scale and a lake full of stingless jellyfish. Sailing and swimming make up only a small number of activities here. Water sports are also available here, which makes the place more enjoyable for those looking for an active getaway.
Hopping from one island to another is the usual way to see Palau. Many parts of the island feature unique sights that can make one feel rested just at the sight. One of the spots to see is the southern lagoon of the Rock Islands. The rich blueness of the pristine water mixes well with the sight of lush greenery. Those going into the deep can also engage in sport fishing, which can be done after nature sightseeing is finished. After an island tour with deep-sea fishing, travellers can check out the beaches in these fine surroundings. Kayangel Island features a white sand environment with clear waters that look perfect in a cloudless sunny day.
Those choosing to stay on land can venture to see the Ngardmau Falls where one can relax by the sides and revel in the spray of water coming from the mountain. There is also Dolphins Pacific to see, a wildlife area where visitors can swim with dolphins trained to perform tricks. One can also feed them with the fish provided by the centre, which can prove to be a truly interactive experience for those fascinated with these friendly marine creatures. The Palau Aquarium is also a must-see, which is a research complex that is part of the Pacific International Coral Reef Centre. Visitors going here will find 17 themed sections where one can learn more about the coral ecosystem in Palau.
How to get around within Palau
The main way to get around the island is by car. Although most of the car rental agencies can be found in Koror, there are other companies offering vehicles for hire in other islands. The general orientation is on the left, which drivers must remember when going around. Another option of tourists is to hire boats or ride on state-owned boats travelling between their home island and Koror.
How to get there
Travellers going to Palau can schedule connecting flights to Roman Tmetuchl International Airport. Airlines serving here include: Asiana Airlines, Belau Air, China Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Mega Maldives, and United Airlines.

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