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Surrounding almost half of Luxembourg and bordering a portion of the southeastern part of Belgium, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate features a rich agricultural environment and breathtaking natural sceneries divided by various rivers in the northern part of the state. Those going here will find the Hunsruck, Taunus, Eifel, and Westerwald. The Hunsruck Plateau forms the most southerly part of the uplands, which has been cleared of a large part of its deciduous forest for cattle raising and grazing. Those heading to the Eifel, on the other hand, will see funnel-shaped volcanic craters with scenic lakes.

Those who want to see more farmland can visit the regions of Neuwied Basin, Bitburg, Rheinhessen and the eastern Palatinate. Potatoes, cereals, and sugar beets are the primary crops, with stock farming and viticulture in other areas. Tourists exploring other areas will find that these places rely on other sources of income. Manufacturing provides the largest share, followed by services, commerce, transportation, and more.

What to see & do

A variety of attractions can be found in Rhineland-Palatinate, particularly in its capital. Mainz, also known for its wines that rival those from Bordeaux and Napa Valley, is a place to be when looking for guided tours combined with wine tastings. Festivals celebrating wine and various other culinary experiences in the traditional taverns can be enjoyed here. Tourists must be careful to pace themselves, especially by the last weekend of August and the first weekend of September. Mainz Wine Market is celebrated at this time, which can be fun to experience as one will meet here various locals who share an interest in the fruit of the vineyards. Those who cannot get enough of wines can look forward to a trip to the Kupferberg Sekt Winery, where tourists can go down caves and deep vaults; and view decorated oak wine barrels and a collection of over 600 different kinds of champagne glasses.

When venturing to see some of the oldest sights in Germany, one of the landmarks to take note of is the Mainz Cathedral, which was consecrated in 1009. Modelled after the old St Peter's Cathedral in Rome, this religious structure has witnessed seven coronations and more or less a century's worth of weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies. There is also the Johan Gutenberg Museum to view, which honours the inventor of the printing press. One will find here the museum's workshop and even watch a printing demonstration using 500-year old methods. The Gutenberg Bible is also an artefact to see, which is an elegant example of 'nova forma scribendi', which is aesthetically equivalent to handwritings, which were the most popular form of publishing at the time. From here, tourists can check out the Kirschgarten, a square with half-timbered houses that can be beautiful to behold. The cherry garden alluded by its name might no longer be present, but charm of this part of Old Town is no less diminished, especially when seen with the fountain created with a baroque design.

Hiking, one of the major activities when visiting Rhineland-Palatinate, is enjoyable across various terrains. One can go on short tours in the Ahr valley or check out the Moselle Valley that offers a multitude of sights from forests to meadows. Stunning sceneries also await along the Rhine-Mosel-Eifel triangle. Those fond of the outdoors will also have fun in the Nahe region, while those out to taste wine can venture to Rheinhessen, the largest wine-growing region of Germany. Those out to enjoy the best of the state can go on a trip to the Rheinsteig, which generally takes a two-day hiking tour to explore the landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine, the most famous river valley in the country.

How to get around within Rhineland-Palatinate

Extensive connections by train and bus put various destinations across the state of Rhineland-Palatinate within reach. Koblenz, Ludwigshafen, Kaiserslautem, Speyer, and other areas are easy to reach via train. Tourists can also rent bicycles to check out the local scenery, especially when in the countryside. Ferry boats are also available up or down the Rhine between Koblenz and Mainz. It is very memorable to experience a boating trip here, while those who want to stay on land can think about renting cars.

How to get there

Travellers who want to view the sights of the state can look for direct flights to Frankfurt Airport, one of the primary ports of entry in Germany. From here, tourists can arrange for transport to Rhineland-Palatinate via public transport and other available means. Airlines serving Frankfurt come from various parts of the world, with a number coming from almost each continent from the Americas to Asia.

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