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The Republic of Uganda, or simply, Uganda, is a landlocked country in East Africa. Bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the southwest by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania, Uganda is the world's second most populous landlocked country after Ethiopia. To the south of the country, a substantial part of Lake Victoria can be seen – a basin also shared by Kenya and Tanzania, altogether creating the African Great Lakes Region. The country is also within the Nile basin, and has a varied but generally equatorial (warm to hot) climate. Its capital and largest city is Kampala.

What to see & do

Emerging from the pits of darkness because of its history, today's Uganda walks past the dark shadows and on to the risen Uganda, where a beautiful pinch of light touches the once called 'Pearl of Africa'. Travellers should pack some reliable shoes – they're off for some exploration.

Marine Tourism – Although Uganda is not known for marine biodiversity, but it is rather known to have various adrenaline-pumping water activities to suit the tourist's hungry happy feet. Rafting should be sampled here especially when coming with friends; and canoeing and boat riding can be tried if travellers want to take the waters in a relaxed manner.

Ecotourism – Tourism in Uganda is heavily dependent on the concept of ecotourism, with main focus on the sustainable use of natural and cultural attractions, which are the foundations of life and living in the area. Empowering the local communities to benefit from tourism, the forests in Uganda are mainly managed by the National Forest Authority, and guides are locals who are making a living for their families. Popular destinations include Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Lutoboka Kampala, Bunjazi Central Forest Reserves, Kaniyo ecotourism sites, and Bugoma ecotourism sites.

National Theatre – The National Theatre of Uganda surprisingly has a quality program of music, film, dance and drama performances, but most tourists are here for the popular, free weeknight outdoor events. Grab a tinny or two, and catch an informal open-stage jam on Mondays, Afro-fusion on Tuesdays, underground hip-hop tunes on Wednesdays, and comedy nights on Thursdays.

How to get around within Uganda

The main and cheap mode of transport in Kampala and other city centres are the boda-boda, or mopeds, motorcycles, or scooters, with cushions on the back. These are pretty popular, and can be used when running to short destinations. If going from a domestic destination, say from the northern region down to the south, buses are decent here and can be utilised. There are two types of buses, one called matatus, and the other the regular buses. The matatus are minibuses or commuter vans, and the regular buses can sometimes only be seen early in the morning, transporting passengers from one place to another. Domestic flights can be taken instead of buses, if it will not hurt the budget. Driving is discouraged although is possible – since the roads in this country can get really bumpy.

How to get there

The Entebbe Airport is the hub for Ugandan air travel. Many flights to and from cities in Africa and other countries can be taken from here, and major airlines are well represented. Cheap flights to and from Uganda can be booked using Skyscanner. Skyscanner is an online source of cheap flights from over 600 airlines worldwide.

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