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When one hears about the Amazon, the first country that comes to mind is Brazil. This ecological treasure, however, has parts extending towards Venezuela and other surrounding countries. This makes nature tours an exciting prospect for backpackers who want to view this part of the Amazon up close. More experiences await tourists charmed by the attractive beauty of the region. There are also the festivals and the football matches to look forward to when considering a trip to this fascinating country in South America. Venezuela’s capital and largest city is Caracas, and the country covers an area of 916,445km2 with extremely high biodiversity.

What to see & do

Nature calls to travellers who want to visit one of the world's mega-diverse countries reigned by the Andes peaks, Angel Falls, and various other lakes and rivers. The Amazon is one attraction among many, which can make it hard to choose which place to visit first. Those interested to see the Venezuelan Amazon will find the area exciting due to the biodiversity of this part of the Amazon. There are 217 mammals, 674 bird species, 159 types of reptiles, and 25 families of fish here. This does not include the wide range of endemic plants and other kinds of vegetation to be seen here, which makes it exciting to go on an adventure trip to the Amazon.

The Canaima National Park is another place to add to the itinerary. The spectacular landscape here is lauded by the UNESCO World Heritage Foundation, where one can have various hiking adventures. The park is over three million hectares of wonder with the tepui or table mountain formations dominating the skyline. The sheer cliffs and waterfalls also make marvellous sights, especially Angel Falls. Known as the world's highest, this body of water is such a sight to behold whether one is viewing it from down below or from a high vantage point. Other parts of the Canaima Park, such as the La Gran Sabana, are also worth a look. It was once used as a setting for the Jurassic Park franchise, which can make one almost expect to see a dinosaur looking back from the trees.

From there, one can go to see the coastline of the country in Mochima National Park. The beautiful beaches here invite travellers to settle down and bask in a simple lifestyle with only minimal amenities. A basic holiday on this area with its tranquil atmosphere can be a refreshing change from a crowded resort setup. Once finished with a getaway in some of the beaches, one can visit Caracas, Venezuela's capital city. This bustling metropolis has various areas to offer, from the lively Plaza Bolivar where tourists can interact with the locals, to the Galeria de Arte Nacional where one can view various collections showcasing thousands of years in Venezuelan art history.

How to get around within Venezuela

Travellers new to Venezuela can go around via minibuses going on short trips within city limits. There are also long-distance trips available for those who want to go across the countryside. One unique characteristic of this type of transport is the bus-cama, which passengers can recline to sleep comfortably. Air-conditioning is common in intercity travel, which further adds to the comfort.

Those who want to drive will be delighted to learn about the cheap price of gasoline in Venezuela. However, one will have to consider traffic jams and the careless way of driving of some motorists. This makes it essential to plan trips around the peak seasons and practise caution at all times. Those who want to take the taxi will find it convenient. Negotiation over the fare is the usual way, so one has to make an arrangement with the driver before boarding.

How to get there

Those going to Venezuela will probably land in Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas. Various Latin American flights connect here, with airlines coming from the United States and Europe. Some of the commercial flight operators to look for are Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Aeropostal, Air Europa, Alitalia, American Airlines, Aserca Airlines, Avianca, Avior Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Conviasa, Copa Airlines, Cubana de Aviacion, Delta Air Lines, Gol, Iberia, Insel Air, LAN Airlines, LAN Peru, LASER Airlines, RUTACA Airlines, TAM Airlines, TAP Portugal, United Airlines, and Venezolana.

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