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The second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, Dunedin is a principle city of the Otago Region. It holds the title of being the oldest city of New Zealand. Now, Dunedin is the seventh largest city with 125,800 residents in New Zealandwhich is considered to be one of the four major cities renowned for historic, cultural and geographic reasons. The city is surrounded by majestic hills and valleys along the shores of the Otago Harbour and Pacific Ocean.

The Dunedin city has a lot of farming and forestry throughout the wider area. Sandy beaches, sailing, fishing, swimming and other water sports is what it is known for. The Central Business District of Dunedin is a hub for business and entertainment. Developments around the district and a wide array of community establishments, well maintained parks and reserves are the prime facilities available to residents and visitors.

Dunedin is a city that is very different, exciting and intriguing. It is the perfect travel destination in New Zealand offering a wide range of options for the tourists.

There are many exquisite places to visit in Dunedin, including:

·         Dalmore

Dalmore is a neighbourhood with Scottish origins and is located about three kilometres from central Dunedin. It is a residential area with a variety of family homes. It provides good space for recreational activities and picnic. Central Dunedin is approximately an eight minute drive from Dalmore where you can avail enjoy all the amenities, dining destinations, shopping and entertainment.

·         North East Valley

It is a suburb located about four kilometres from the city centre. North East Valley has a community feel. It has only a local café, a school and a church. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation, away from hustle bustle then North East Valley is the place to stay. Accommodations are easily available including hostels, B&B’s and luxury apartments on rent.

·         Opoho

Opoho has beautiful views along with having lovely housing options that make it the most sought after suburb.

 Some areas of Opoho offer student housing. Botanical Gardens and Opoho Park are the best options for beautiful outdoor pursuits. It offers a wide range of amenities, as well as dining and entertainment facilities.

·         Ravensbourne

Ravensbourne is one of the many suburbs of Dunedin. It is located approximately five kilometres northeast of central Dunedin. Ravensbourne is located near the University of Otago, which is why it houses a large number of rental properties. It is a delightful neighbourhood with the slopes of Signal Hill offering picturesque views of the nearby Otago Harbour. The suburb does not have many local shops, which necessitates routine trips to neighbouring suburbs or central Dunedin for day-to-day requirements. Travellers can find luxury accommodation close to the major attractions in this area.

·         Saint Kilda

St. Kilda has numerous beaches, which is why the area is known as Ocean Beach. The neighbourhood has three pubs and a badminton hall. It also has a wide range of beautiful homes and Kettle Park where families can enjoy. It has all the amenities available nearby with two supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and boutiques. Accommodations are easily available for visitors including hotels and luxury rental apartments.

The information is correct as of January 2016.