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The capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom, London has been a leading commercial, cultural and political centre of Europe for many centuries. It is a leading global city famous for its vibrant arts, commerce, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transport. One of the world's most-visited cities in terms of international arrivals, it also boasts the largest airport system measured by passenger traffic. The city is a true melting pot hosting a diverse range of peoples and cultures, with over 300 languages spoken within the Greater London metropolitan area. Its population stands at 8,538,689, making it the largest municipality in the European Union, rounding up to 12.5 percent of the entire UK population. From 1831 to 1925, the city had the distinction of being the largest city of the world. London is a leading investment destination housing global and regional headquarters of a number of international companies. In addition, it is also the leading educational centre of the world with some of the best universities located within the city and its suburbs. The city also ranks first in the world in software, multimedia development and design. A wide array of modern and traditional tourist attractions await the visitor including numerous museums, galleries, libraries, sporting events and other cultural institutions, including the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, British Library and 40 West End theatres

Accommodation in London

From hostels, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), leading hotel chains and serviced apartments to some of the most famous luxurious and opulent hotels in the world such as The Savoy, The Ritz and Claridges, London offers perhaps the biggest variety of accommodation options any place in the world could offer. Hotel rates in London are at times ridiculously expensive, especially considering the floor size. Prices get even more expensive when the city hosts major sporting or cultural events, such as the London Marathon, Wimbledon, royal ceremonies etc.

Most tourists prefer staying within the central area of London, but this also happens to be the most expensive part of the city. Even the traditional budget options are more expensive than five star hotels in some other parts of UK and Europe. The general rule of the thumb is, the closer you are to the London Underground Metro, the higher the prices.  

The city has in excess of 1500 leading hotels and other accommodation options for the tourist. Depending on your budget and travel preference, you can opt for which district you want to stay in and what level of comfort you desire.

This information is correct as of January 2016.