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24 things to do in 24-hour London

Now that the Night Tube is here, London is officially a 24-hour city... here's how to explore it.

All-night London is now live and accessible with the night tube! The Jubilee, Victoria, Central, Northern and Piccadilly lines will now be running for 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, making the city more accessible than ever before. Here are Skyscanner‘s recommendations on what you can do with 24 hours in London:

12pm. Check into your hotel.

There are plenty of hotels all over London, but narrow your search down to Soho if you want to stay in the centre; Shoreditch for the trendy places and south of the river if you’re looking for something more affordable. Check into your hotel, ditch the bags and begin your sight-seeing marathon.

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1pm. Go hipster hunting in Shoreditch

There’s plenty to see here, including the Columbia Road Flower Market and the infamous Cereal Killer Café (yes, the café wherein they solely serve cereal). It’s also known as one of the most hipster areas in the city, housing the storage container street food market in Box Park and a huge variety of independent bars.

Tube Stop: Old Street

Rice Krispies? Photo: Cereal Killer Café

Photo: Cereal Killer Café

2pm. Feast on Bleecker St Burgers

Bleecker Street Burgers compete with the likes of Fergburger in Queenstown, and you’re going to have to get your chops round one whilst you’re here. Don’t worry – you’ll be up all night so you’ll have chance to burn off the extra cheese and bacon…

Tube Stop: Liverpool Street

Tuck in. Photo: Bleecker St Burger Facebook

Photo: Bleecker St Burger Facebook

3pm. Stroll around Spitalfields

Spitalfields Market is one of the oldest in London, selling a variety of antiques, vintage clothes and hosting record fairs over every weekend. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s an interesting area to roam around.

Tube Stop: Liverpool Street / Shoreditch High Street

Albans. Photo: Spitalfields Markets

Photo: Spitalfields Markets

4pm. Sail down the Thames

There are plenty of tours that run up and down the river, and the boat makes a nice excuse for an hour of chill out time. Plus, it drops you wherever you want to be on the river!

Tube Stop: Monument

Westminster. Photo: Yiannis Theologos Michellisa / Flickr

Photo: Yiannis Theologos Michellis / Flickr

5pm. See the city from the sky on the London Eye

With so many great restaurants in the area (like the Oxo Tower), it’s not a London ‘must-see’, but the London Eye makes a good choice if you’re travelling with kids. Don’t want to tackle the queues? Then explore Jubilee Gardens or the South Bank.

Tube Stop: Waterloo

6pm. Have dinner on the South Bank

Canteen prides themselves on using seasonal and fresh British food, so the menu is always changing and you’re guaranteed good grub if you go. There’s also the Oxo Tower restaurant, along with the street food markets you’ll often find on the South Bank.

Tube Stop: Waterloo

Roast chicken dinner. Photo: Canteen

Photo: Canteen

7pm. Watch sunset at Westminster Bell Tower

On clearer nights, you’ll be able to see St Pauls Cathedral and Battersea Power Station. The bell tower is only 83 metres high, but it’s certainly worth it for the view. It’s also a much less crowded option than St Pauls, and if you aren’t a fan of heights, you can admire the Abbey instead.

Tube Stop: Victoria

Big Ben. Photo: aimee rivers / Flickr

Photo: aimee rivers / Flickr

8pm. Dino Snores at the Natural History Museum

South Kensington is home to a strip of world famous museums and galleries. The V&A is close by to the Natural History Museum too, so if you don’t fancy history you can always dip into an art exhibition. It’s worth visiting for the architecture in this area anyway. Dino Snores is a fun exhibit at the museum that allows parents and children to sleep in the museum overnight too!

Tube Stop: South Kensington

Hintz Hall, The Natural History Museum. Photo: Stephen Boisvert / Flickr

Photo: Stephen Boisvert / Flickr

9pm. Get your sugar fix at Ben’s Cookies

Ben’s Cookies are a London staple, even though they were developed in Oxford. You’ll never find a chewier cookie anywhere else. Once you’re around South Ken, you can also grab a coffee if you’re starting to feel the jet lag!

Tube Stop: South Kensington

Sugar fix? Ben's Cookies. Photo: Ben’s Cookies Facebook

Photo: Ben’s Cookies Facebook

10pm. Spend the night aboard a ship

If you have your CityCruise pass for the boats, check to see if you can still use it to sail down the Thames at this hour. If not, use the Tube to reach London Bridge or Monument, then all aboard Sir Francis Drake’s Galleon, moored on the south bank of the Thames. This 16th century vessel made it all the way around the world, but you can also coup up in it for a night in London. Don’t fancy getting sea legs? Visit the Mondrian on the South Bank for cocktails instead!

Tube Stop: London Bridge

The Galleon. Photo: Beth Camp / Flickr

Photo: Beth Camp / Flickr

11pm. Warm up over a coffee at The Swan at The Globe

You might be feeling a little peaky at this hour, so fuel up at the Swan with a drink – whether it’s a hot beverage or something a little stronger. It’s a little pricey, but the view is well worth it.

Tube Stop: London Bridge

Drinks with a view. Photo: Swan

Photo: Swan

12am. Midnight Matinees at the Globe

Midnight Matinees are occasionally shown on Saturdays at the Globe Theatre, which make for a truly special viewing of Shakespeares’ finest works. You might want to bear in mind that the Globe is a standing-only venue though, so wear comfortable footwear!

Tube Stop: London Bridge

Hamlet. Photo: Shakespeare’s Globe

Photo: Shakespeare’s Globe

1am. Refuel at Bar Italia Coffee

It’s that time again. It’s caffeine o’clock, and this time you’re getting your fix with an interesting mix of London’s night crowds – this place is always full of interesting folks at 1am. Luckily, even if the company is varied, the coffee is consistently good.

Tube Stop: Leicester Square

Bar Italia. Photo: seanbjack / Flickr

Photo: seanbjack / Flickr

2am. Head into Cahoots

This is set on London’s Underground – both literally and metaphorically, as it’s in the old Kingly Court Underground Station. They’ve decked it out with Tube memorabilia, and you have to slink down a small stairway to get in. You can get drinks, snacks and swing here until 3am on Saturdays!

Tube Stop: Piccadilly Circus / Oxford Circus

Drinks Underground. Photo: Cahoots

_Photo: Cahoots_

3am. Dance the night away at Egg

Make your way back over to East London for one of the latest ‘late-night’ clubs in the city. Egg is a 24-hour warehouse style club that caters to serious EDM junkies, occasionally not closing until 3pm the next day!

Tube Stop: King’s Cross / Caledonian Road

Party all night. Photo: Egg Facebook

Photo: Egg Facebook

4am. Chow down at Brick Lane Beigel Bake

Who doesn’t want a salt beef sandwich at 4am on a Sunday? Hooligans, that’s who. This 24-hour bakery beats McDonalds hands down, and provides the perfect post-clubbing snack.

Tube Stop: Shoreditch High Street

Beats sausage sizzles... Photo: Time Out London

Photo: Time Out London

5am. Get snappy with a Dawn Photo Workshop

Anthony Epes runs photo workshops all over the world, and London provides the perfect setting for a morning photo workshop – capture the city waking up first thing, from people rushing to work to the still waters of the Thames. They’re typically held on the river, so you can get those epic sunrise shots, but the location changes depending on the nature or theme of the workshop too.

Tube Stop: Varies

Dawn in London. Photo: Russel Trow / Flickr

Photo: Russel Trow / Flickr

6am. Get floral at the Flower Markets

75% of the city’s florists choose to buy their flowers from New Covent Garden Flower Market, so sharpen your elbows and get amongst it! The market is open from 4am till 10am. There are also plenty of coffee shops in Covent Garden, if you happen to be hitting that wall…

Tube Stop: Covent Garden

Flower picking? Photo: EG Focus / Flickr

Photo: EG Focus / Flickr

7am. Wake up properly with a morning rave

Whilst most clubbers would be getting home at this time, those in the know are heading to Morning Gloryville in Bethnal Green. Sober morning ravng has become a real trend recently – so why not check it out now? They also have free smoothies and massages!

Tube Stop: Bethnal Green

Rave on. Photo: Morning Gloryville Facebook

Photo: Morning Gloryville Facebook

8am. Dine at the Duck & Waffle

The Duck & Waffle is on the 40th floor of the Gherkin, making it one of the highest restaurants in the UK. The breakfast menu is just what you need after a night of raving, drinking and dancing, with options like homemade granola, eggs (any way you like them), and of course – duck and waffle.

Tube Stop: Liverpool Street

Duck & Waffle. Photo: Duck and Waffle

Photo: Duck and Waffle

9am. Marvel at the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London

Beat the crowds and get here early on a Saturday to avoid the queues. There’s over 100 years of history within this building, but the highlights include the Crown Jewels and the White Tower.

Tube Stop: Tower Hill

The Tower of London. Photo: Frerk Meyer / Flickr

Photo: Frerk Meyer / Flickr

10am. Brunch at Borough Market

You might still be full from that Duck & Waffle, but you’ll regret not visiting this foodie institution. Borough Market is south of the river, and houses every sort of food you could want – though we’d recommend getting a few sweet treats (and more coffee) for your next pit stop.

Tube Stop: Southwark

Borough Market. Photo: Borough Market Facebook

Photo: Borough Market Facebook

11am. Get those last must-sees in at Westminster

Hop back on the Tube to head to Westminster. This is where you can see Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square, or, if you’re feeling a little worse for wear, you can slink away to Hyde Park to watch the morning unfold.

Tube Stop: Westminster

Soldiers marching. Photo: Defence Images / Flickr

Photo: LASZLO ILYES / Flickr

… and back to the hotel! For sleep, sleep and more sleep.

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