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5 best places to eat like a local in Singapore

From Chilli Crab to Kaya Toast, here are the 5 best places to eat like a local in Singapore.

The little island of Singapore is known the world over for it’s amazing choice of food. From the freshest seafood to traditional breakfasts, Skyscanner reveals the best places to eat like a local in Singapore.

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1. Get your hands dirty with the Chilli Crab from No Signboard Seafood

You can’t leave Singapore without have a Chilli Crab, with it being one of the nation’s signature dishes. You can pick your choice of crab fresh from the water tank, and then devour it shortly after it’s been prepared in the sauce. It’s a good idea not to wear your finest clothes, as this is messy business. Roll up your sleeves and tuck into the delicious crab in the sauce, and you can mop up the remaining liquid with traditional fried mantou buns.

One of Singapore’s most iconic dishes, Chilli Crab is as messy as it is delicious. Photo credit Tony Lin/Flickr

2. Eat breakfast like a true Singaporean while enjoying kaya toast & soft-boiled egg at Killiney Kopitiam

For a truly Singaporean breakfast, head to a traditional kopitiam to start your day with a meal of kaya toast and soft- boiled egg. The old school white bread is lightly toasted and layered with a local spread of kaya, made from coconuts. The eggs are the interesting part, as they are given to you in a metal pot filled with water, and it’s up to you to take the eggs out when they suit your liking. Have this with an addition of traditional Kopi, coffee with condensed milk.

_Start your day right and fill up on this local favourite. Photo credit Ee Shawn/Flickr_

3. Eat like their ancestors used to and slurp up some Singapore Laksa

A classic Peranakan dish, which is a mix of Chinese and Malay culture, laksa has made its way into the hearts and mouths of fans all over the world, but what better place to try it then at its home of Singapore. This curry dish is made using vermicelli, coconut and beancurd along with fish slices and shrimp. Laksa is a great one for enjoying a variety of different tastes and textures with it being a soupy dish filled with chunky bites.

Head to 328 Katong Laksa on East Coast Rd to enjoy this authetic local dish. Photo credit Roslyn/Flickr

4. Snack on meaty bites at ‘satay by the bay’ at the Marina

Fans of Indonesia will be well acquainted with the humble satay stick, and during your visit to Singapore you can enjoy the same standard of snack here. Found in the hawker stalls, satay is a marinated meat grilled on a flame, using a variety of meat such as chicken, beef or pork. Eat with a delicious side dish of peanut satay sauce for a full flavour experience.

Originally from Indonesia, satay is now a firm favourite for Singapore foodies. Photo credit Awee19/Flickr

5. You can’t leave Singapore without trying ‘Durian’, the nation’s favourite fruit

Considered by many as the national fruit of Singapore, locals adore durian and they’ve even gone as far as to create a building, the Esplanade theatre by the bay, in it’s resemblance. While Singaporeans live on the stuff, and will use it to make desserts, cakes and tarts, many visitors are put off by the smell. Look out for the ‘no durian’ signs on public transport. We dare you to give it a try!

Head to any fruit seller to pick up a piece of this strange smelling fruit. Photo credit Momovieman/Flickr

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