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How to unlock special hotel discounts with Skyscanner

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Thought the savings ended with cheap flights? Think again. With our new Fly Stay Save hotel discount, you can unlock special room rates after booking a flight through Skyscanner.

You’ll have even more cash to splash on enjoying yourself with our fantastic new Fly Stay Save offer. Whenever you find a flight through Skyscanner, you’ll instantly unlock special discounts for various hotels and accommodation, B&Bs, resorts and hostels in the destination you’re flying to. Read on to find out how.

What’s the Fly Stay Save discount?

The ‘Fly Stay Save’ feature is a discount that appears on select hotels after you find a flight with us. After you find a flight to your desired destination, search for a hotel within the dates of your flight. You’ll see that some select hotels have the ‘Fly Stay Save’ icon next to them, indicating savings at that hotel. The icon will show you the price you can book through this ‘Fly Stay Save’ discount now that you are eligible.

With thousands of rooms to choose from at incredible prices, booking your next holiday just got even easier – and cheaper!

How to take advantage of our Fly Stay Save hotel discount

1. Fly2. Stay3. Save
Find a flight through us to unlock your hotel discounts. Search for a hotel with the Fly Stay Save icon. Book your accommodation through us to get the discount.

Where will I see the discounts?

After you have found your flight with us, ‘Fly Stay Save’ discounts will appear at the top of the hotel search for hotels within the dates of your flight. In the event of a one-way flight, you’ll be eligible for hotel discounts up to 30 days after your flight. You should see the ‘Fly Stay Save’ banner or orangish-red icon at the top of the results page indicating that you have found your flight already and are now eligible for the discounts.

Look out for the Fly Stay Save icon below for special discounts on rooms.

Hotels with the Fly Stay Save discount will appear at the top of the search results, or once you click the ‘Fly Stay Save’ icon in the top right hand corner.

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Top Tip: Make sure to wait for all the results to load! The ‘Fly Stay Save’ discounts load last – as they say, save the best for last.

Design your own holiday

Although Fly Stay Save is a one-stop shop for booking your next cheap getaway, it’s worth bearing in mind that your flight and hotel won’t be covered the same way as a package holiday would. Because you’re booking both the flight and hotel separately, it may be considered a ‘linked travel arrangement’ instead.

If you’ve already booked a flight through us but don’t have your accommodation sorted yet, hop over to our hotels page and see what discounts you can find.

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Your questions answered

Who are eligible for the Fly Stay Save hotel discounts?

All travellers who find a flight using our app or website.

Where can I find the hotel discounts?

Discounts are available when you see the Fly Stay Save icon next to a hotel. 

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How long do the deals last?

The deals are available for the time you’re away or up to 30 days from arrival if it’s a one-way flight. They’re subject to availability and we may have to stop offering them at any time.

How are the savings calculated?

Savings are calculated on how much less you’d pay compared to the standard price shown on our app or website for the same room in the same hotel at the same time. The rate you see is the discounted rate.

How am I protected if anything goes wrong?

If you book your hotel through us within 24 hours of booking your flight, your travel will not be considered a ‘package’ but may be considered a ‘linked travel arrangement’. This means it will not benefit from all of the protections of a package under The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations and the individual travel providers are responsible for delivering their services.

If anything goes wrong, you’ll have to contact the individual travel providers themselves. In the unlucky event that one of the providers becomes insolvent, you unfortunately won’t be protected by these regulations.

How else can I save on hotels?

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