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Find cheap flights with Cheapest Month search

Learn how to book cheap flights last minute, or in advance, with Skyscanner New Zealand. We’ll show you how to use our Cheapest Month search, which is stellar for finding those cheap hidden deals on flights.

Our Cheapest Month search tool is super popular with our users, and that’s because it’s often the key to securing the cheapest flights available. If you know where you want to go, and are fairly flexible on when you want to go, you can save money and put it towards your spending budget instead of your travel one.

Find cheap flights

So how do I find the cheapest time to fly?

On mobile web

On desktop web

First choose your destination. Then click on the Depart date field. A drop down calendar will appear, and you should notice two tabs: Specific date and Whole month.

Clicking the Cheapest month option will give you an idea of what time of year is the cheapest to fly.

Once you have chosen Cheapest month you will see this screen:

Screen Shot 3

Click on Search flights →

This will show you the cheapest departure airports (if you have not already selected the airport you wish to depart from). Select the airport that suits you.

You will notice next that there are two calendars, the first one (on the left) shows the cheapest month to depart, and the second (on the right) shows the cheapest month to return.

Above the calendars are two tabs: Calendar and Chart.

If you click on the Chart tab you can see the most expensive days of the month, and how the prices trend.

Go back to the Calendar tab. If we are able to display the prices for you, these will be colour coded for ease: green prices are the cheapest, orange prices are moderate, and the red prices are the most expensive. If there are no prices available on the calendar, please click the Get prices button.

Once you select the prices you want, on the travel dates that suit you, you can press the Show flights → button.


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