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Best Value Destinations for September

Skyscanner has looked at the figures and found some of the best value flights for this September.

If you feel like you always miss out on the best flight deals, Skyscanner New Zealand has got your back. Each month we look ahead to find you the best deals on domestic and international flights leaving from the airports around NZ.

Below are the biggest savings we could find on return fares from some of New Zealand’s biggest airports. If you’ve got some annual leave to take and you’re itching to get away, now’s a great time to book flights to Australia, India, Ireland or Korea, as well as various nearby cities.

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Best flight deals from Auckland

Best domestic deal: Flights to Christchurch (savings up to 37%)

The biggest savings for travellers based in Auckland is to fly to Christchurch in the South Island. Christchurch is the biggest city in the south, known as the Garden City because of its many green spaces. There’s plenty to see and do in the city itself, but it’s also a great starting point for many of the country’s best road trips.

If you fancy the South Island but aren’t tickled by the idea of Christchurch, flights to Queenstown in September are up to 27% cheaper than normal.

Best international deal: Flights to New Delhi (savings up to 20%)

Flights to India are cheaper this September too, with Delhi flights up to 20% cheaper and Mumbai flights up to 18% cheaper. After a long, cold winter in New Zealand, New Delhi offers warmth with an average temperature of 30°C in September. This is also the end of the wet season in the Indian capital, with rainfall tailing off towards the end of the month.

Closer to home, flights to Melbourne are up to 20% cheaper and flights to Sydney up to 19% cheaper.

Best flight deals from Wellington

Best domestic deal: Flights to Queenstown (savings up to 53%)

September is the perfect time to visit Queenstown, with return flights from Wellington up to 53% cheaper than normal. Amazingly, this is still in the ski season. Approximate season end dates are 23 September (Treble Cone) to 14 October (Cardrona), with both Coronet Peak and the Remarkables likely to be open until around 7 October.

If the ski slopes or adventure activities of Queenstown don’t appeal to you, both Auckland (up to 32%) and Christchurch (up to 27%) are both cheaper to get to in September.

Best international deal: Flights to Melbourne (savings up to 28%)

Because of its proximity, flights to Australia tend to be among the cheapest for New Zealand travellers looking to spread their wings. In September, flights to Melbourne are up to 28% cheaper. While Sydney and the east coast of Australia is a better place to go to enjoy the beaches in summer, a winter trip to Melbourne allows you to enjoy the indoor attractions of its art galleries, music venues and cafes.

If you want to go a bit farther than Australia, New Delhi (India) flights are up to 19% cheaper and flights to Nadi (Fiji) are up to 15% cheaper.

Best flight deals from Christchurch

Best domestic deal: Flights to Auckland (savings up to 45%)

Although there’s not much in it, the extra degrees in daily (and nightly) temperature when visiting Auckland in winter can be worth the cost of flights, especially when they’re nearly half price. In an average September, Auckland is 4°C warmer with its lowest daily temperate 6°C warmer than Christchurch’s.

As well as cheap deals on flights to Auckland, return fares to Wellington are up to 28% cheaper in September.

Best international deal: Flights to Dublin (savings up to 23%)

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to visit Europe, savings of almost a quarter on a return airfare to Ireland might be what you’ve been waiting for. With a high number of Kiwis boasting Irish heritage, a trip to Dublin at the end of the European summer is the perfect place to start a trip of the continent.

Closer to home, flights to Melbourne and Sydney are up to 13% and 12% cheaper, respectively.

Best flight deals from Dunedin

Best domestic deal: Flights to Wellington (savings up to 30%)

A visit to the nation’s capital should be on everyone’s to-do list and, this September, flights from Dunedin to Wellington are up to 30% cheaper. Like Dunedin does on the South Island, Wellington lays claim to be the cultural capital of the North Island. Couple this with its beautiful architecture, its harbour views and its iconic cable car and you’ve got a city that rivals Dunedin for beauty.

If you fancy a slightly longer flight, a return trip to Auckland is up to 22% cheaper this September.

Best international deal: Flights to Seoul (savings up to 32%)

Flights to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, are up to 32% cheaper this September. Seoul is an incredible city full of contrast: modern skyscrapers flank ancient temples in the CBD, sensible etiquette etched in history is used in cat cafes while bibimbap restaurants sit side-by-side with places selling only fried chicken and beer. On one hand, Seoul offers a glimpse into a life completely different to what we have in New Zealand, on the other, it’s blazing the trail for where we might be heading.