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Upsize Your Dollar: The Best Value Destinations for Kiwis

Savvy travellers know it's important to make the most of each dollar they spend. Unfortunately, not all destinations are created equal when it comes to value. At Skyscanner New Zealand, we've combed through the data have found the seven best value destinations for Kiwis on the move.

While some destinations at a glance might seem cheap to visit, the high plane ticket price makes it an expensive choice. Likewise, the steep price of a hotel in some places might dissuade you from visiting, but the low cost of everything else makes it an affordable option.

We’ve tracked flight prices, hotel rooms, the price of coffee, food, and beer to come up with an average daily cost spent in each of these seven cities.

The best value flights for 2017

We took the average flight prices for 2016 and compared them to 2017. While there was a flight price increase all around, flights to cities like Sydney and New Delhi increased by less than 10%. Bali, a popular destination for Kiwis and others in the Oceania region saw a steep price increase of 21.5%.

Flight increases for New Zealand 2017

The cost of a beer

If you meet other travellers on the road, one form of measuring how expensive a place is is by comparing the cost of a beer. High-priced brews tend to reflect their relative cost of food, admission tickets, and entertainment. We’ve compared the price of a domestic draught beer to the price of a beer in Christchurch. Interestingly, a beer in every city featured costs less than one at home.

Price of a beer

The cost of a coffee

Need a caffeine fix while you’re on the road? We don’t blame you. These are the prices of a regular cappuccino in seven of our best-value cities.

Cost of a cappuccino

One day or one week in each city

We calculated the average price you can expect to spend per day in each of the seven cities, as well as the cost of a week spent in each city. These prices include accommodation, three meals, a bottle of water, two tickets on local transport, a cappuccino, and half a litre of domestic beer.

Cost of accommodation, food, water and transport

New Delhi, Bali, and Nadi come out as the clear winners when it comes to the best value of cost per day.

Where is the winner?

Though New Delhi, Bali, and Nadi come out as the clear winners of best value spent per day in a destination, factoring the cost of flights reveals a new ranking.

We calculated the cost of one week spent in each city plus the cost of airfare. Here is roughly what you can expect to spend all-in on a one week trip to each of these cities.

  • Nadi, Fiji: $2,220.34
  • Apia, Samoa: $2,314.16
  • Bali, Indonesia: $2,479.59
  • New Delhi, India: $2,509.91
  • Sydney, Australia: $2,566.66
  • Seoul, South Korea: $2,760.17
  • London, England: $5,160.75

Nadi, Apia, and Bali prove to be the best destinations for value overall when factoring for flights and all other travel expenses on a week-long holiday.

How to stretch your dollar?

You can make your money go further by choosing a destination with a low daily cost and staying there as long as possible.

Skyscanner New Zealand can help you find the cheapest flights, car hire options, and hotels so that you can save money on your next holiday.