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How to find cheap flights with Skyscanner New Zealand’s Whole Month Search

Have you decided on a destination and a month but not firmed up your travel dates? Well before you do anything, you'll want to use Skyscanner New Zealand's Whole Month search option will pull up all the prices for that month so you can clearly see when it is the cheapest time to fly.

Ticket prices can vary dramatically on Air New Zealand, Emirates, Virgin Australia and other airlines, depending on the day of the week, whether it’s a holiday period and even the hour of the day.

If you like the sound of our Whole Month search, read on to find out how easy and quick it is to find the cheapest flights on Skyscanner.

How do I use the Whole Month search to get cheap flight tickets?

On mobile web

On desktop web

Simply enter the city or airport you are departing from and your destination and click on the Depart box. The Whole Month search tab appears which you click. Simply select the month you want to travel and hit the green Search Flights button.

You’ll be taken to our Calendar View where you can see the flight prices for the whole month. The prices in red indicate that they’re at the top end of the price range and the ones in green are the lowest. Pretty easy right?

We also have a Chart View which shows very easily when the prices are highest and lowest within the month.

If you’re even more flexible with travel dates, try our Cheapest Month search. This shows you the cheapest month to travel in a calendar year and is a brilliant tool if you want to avoid those peak seasons when flight prices are jacked up.

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