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What are the lowest fares to India from New Zealand?

Looking to book flights to India? Skyscanner New Zealand can help you find the cheapest flights to India available from major cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

You’ll also find that the most popular cities for travellers booking flights to India tend to be to New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengleru and Kochi, so we’ve checked and listed the cheapest routes to these fantastic cities.

What are the cheapest flights to India from Auckland?

1. Auckland to New Delhi flights

Delhi is one of India’s most extraordinary cities, and whether it is your first time or your 100th, there’s always something new to see and do in Delhi. Wind your way through the atmospheric streets of Chandni Chowk, tour the beautiful grounds of Humuyan’s Tomb, and marvel at incredible architecture of the Red Fort.

You can also see the iconic and gorgeous Taj Mahal by organising flights or a car hire to Agra.

Auckland to New Delhi is the cheapest route from New Zealand, with return options as low as $600NZD. You’ll find that layovers are usually via Guangzhou (CAN) or Bangkok (BKK).

2. Auckland to Mumbai flights

Dive into the sophisticated glamour of Mumbai, the home of Bollywood, the Gateway of India, and the magical Elephanta Island. Fine dining, a fantastic nightlife, and thriving markets greet you on your arrival to this thrilling city.

Roundtrip Auckland to Mumbai flights can be booked for around $800-900NZD, this long-haul flight is generally diverted through the slick city of Singapore (SIN).

3. Auckland to Kolkata flights

Spend time in Kolkata, a city that birthed the Independence movement. Tour the colonial architecture like the Victoria Memorial and the Indian Museum, both of which are now museums dedicated to the country’s history. Then see attractions like the Birla Mandir and the Dakshineshwar Kali Temple.

Return Auckland to Kolkata flights are usually between the $900-1000NZD mark, and tend to fly via Hong Kong (HKG).

What are the cheapest flights to India from Wellington?

1. Wellington to New Delhi

That’s right, Wellington to Delhi is also one of the cheapest routes from New Zealand to India. Beyond the attractions of Delhi itself, this is an important hub for anyone wanting to make internal flights to places like Udaipur, Rishikesh, or Varanasi.

Flights from Wellington to Delhi are usually around $900-1000NZD, with diversions through Sydney (SYD).

2. Wellington to Bengaluru

Bengaluru (formally known as Bangalore) is India’s Silicon Valley, and its high-tech, up-and-coming scene is known for great dining, great nightlife, and a superb climate.

Flights from Wellington to Bengaluru can be snapped up for about $1000NZD, though flights tend to be subject to at least two stops, usually via Sydney (SYD) and Delhi (DEL).

3. Wellington to Kochi

Explore the sun-soaked and atmospheric cities of Kerala, starting with Kochi. Set over a huge estuary, and boasting a mix of Chinese, Portuguese, British and Indian architecture, this city has always been somewhat of an international mélange.

Spend time in the languid and beautiful backwaters of Kerala, or relax on the shores of the golden beaches that line the Keralan Coast.

Flights from Wellington to Kochi can be booked for around $1000NZD for a roundtrip. You’ll usually be flying via two cities, and these are typically Sydney (SYD) and Delhi (DEL) or Auckland (AKL) and Singapore (SIN).

What are the cheapest flights to India from Christchurch?

1. Christchurch to New Delhi flights

Getting to New Delhi from Christchurch is very affordable, and you can be looking up at the elegant silhouette of the Qutub Minar, and touring the spectacular Jama Masjid Mosque. Then get to grips with the nightlife by going to Connaught Place, the Huaz Khas Village, or the Rajouri Garden.

Christchurch to New Delhi flights can be booked for $900NZD, roundtrip. A flight to Delhi from Christchurch usually only means one layover, frequently through Singapore (SIN).

2. Christchurch to Kochi flights

South India’s Kochi promises colour, heat, and amazing food. From this city you can either enjoy the charms of the coast, or the lush atmosphere of the jungles of Kerala.

Flights from Christchurch to Kochi tend to be $1000NZD for a return journey. You can be subject to one or two layovers on this route, through Auckland (AKL) and Singapore (SIN) usually.

3. Christchurch to Mumbai flights?

Beyond Mumbai’s cultural attractions, this city is known for its dining, shopping, and nightlife scene. Enjoy the city’s skyline on rooftop bars like Aer, wander down Colaba and Marine Drive area of the city, and duck into a cinema to see the latest Bollywood movie to hit the big screen.

Christchurch to Mumbai flights can be sorted for $1000NZD roundtrip, with stopovers in Singapore (SIN) or Sydney (SYD) usually.

Find and book cheap flights to India with Skyscanner New Zealand, and download our app for help booking hotels and rental cars.