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Do Browser Cookies Increase Flight Prices?

You might have heard that websites store your information in order to increase prices and entice you into clicking the 'Pay More' button. AtSkyscanner New Zealand, we've investigated and are happy to report that browser cookies increasing flight prices is largely a travel myth.

What are cookies?

You may have seen the pop-up before alerting you that the website stores cookies. Instead of storing ANZAC biccies on the homepage, the online version of cookies are data files. These data files records of how you have acted on a website such as what you’ve searched for, your username, and information on any forms you’ve filled. Browser cookies can help to streamline your experience when online shopping, so you don’t have to reach for your wallet every time you click ‘Buy Now’. These cookies are usually destroyed once you’ve finished your browser session, but not all of them.

Do airlines use cookies to increase flight prices?

There is a popular rumour that airlines store your search information to increase the price when you later come to book. There is no strong evidence to support this, nor is there strong evidence to support the fact that it’s cheaper once you have cleared your cookies, or accessing the airline’s website from another device.

However, flight prices do increase over time. Prices increase the closer you are to the date of travel, and they also increase when there are limited spaces on board the plane.

How can I disable cookies on the browser?

If you’d still like to disable and delete cookies just to be safe, it’s easy to do on most browsers.

How to delete cookies on Chrome:
Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Clear Browsing Data.

How to delete cookies on Safari:
Settings > Clear History.

It’s also possible to disable cookies entirely on all browsers.

Do cookies affect Skyscanner flight search results?

Skyscanner search results do not change due to cookies. We do store cookies for recent searches, such as the date you might want to fly or the destination you’re wanting to travel to, but the prices are not affected by these cookies. The prices in Skyscanner’s search results are retrieved directly from booking sites, airlines and travel agents.

Skyscanner gathers flight price data from the travel agent or airline whose prices we display. We then display these flight prices to our travellers.

How can I get the best price when I book a flight?

Book in advance

Prices often increase as the flight departure date gets closer. For the best price on flights, try to book at least eight weeks in advance for international flights and four weeks in advance for domestic flights. This gives you time to watch for any flight price trends.

Use Price Alerts

For regular updates on fluctuating flight prices, sign up for a Price Alert on your chosen route. You can do this via the Skyscanner App or website by clicking the bell icon or the ‘Price Alert’ icon. This way, we’ll notify you whenever flight prices change.

Be flexible with your route

Type in ‘Everywhere’ as your destination and/or select ‘Cheapest Month’ for your travel times when you search on Skyscanner New Zealand. ‘Everywhere’ finds you the cheapest destinations all around the globe.

‘Cheapest Month’ will find the cheapest month to travel to your chosen destination. Alternatively, if you know you you want to fly to your destination in a certain month, but flexible on which day you want to fly, you can select ‘Whole Month’ in the search panel and you’ll be able to view the cheapest days through to the most expensive days to travel during that month.


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