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Car Hire in Benin City

Car Hire in Benin City

If you need to hire a car in Benin City, Avis operates out of Benin Airport (BNI), so you can rent a car in Benin City as soon as you land. Compact, intermediate and full-size cars and SUVs are available with either a manual or automatic transmission. Continental Corporate Logistics, Ltd., is a local business with cars for hire in Benin City. They offer Toyota cars, jeeps, minibuses and SUVs. You can arrange a hire car through Skyscanner.

Car Hire at Benin City Airport

Benin Airport (BNI) lies in the centre of the city, and there's an Avis branch located on-site. Your car can be collected as soon as you walk outside. The other option to hire a car in Benin City is Continental Corporate Logistics, Ltd. They are an indigenous Nigerian company with several facilities across the nation. They offer car hire in Benin City from their office a few blocks away from the airport. Once you collect your car, King’s Square and downtown Benin City are a five-minute drive down Airport Road.

Driving in Benin City

After you rent a car in Benin City, get ready to explore. Benin City is built in rings around King’s Square, which makes navigating easy. However, plan ahead for “go-slows,” or traffic jams, around the city.

Sites and relics of Benin City’s cultural history attract travellers from all over the world. The National Museum, Igun Street and Ogiamen’s Palace are just a few of these famous locations.

A half-hour drive just outside the city will take you up to Ikpoba Hill. A few hours west, you’ll find Okomu National Park, a Nigerian rainforest preserve.

If you’re looking for places to stay, there are plenty right outside the airport. Drive your car rental down Benin City’s Airport or Boundary Road. Most hotels in the city are on or near these streets. They'll provide parking for your car, but there will also be public parking lots nearby.

Parking in Benin City

Once your hotel is booked, you should expect to have 24-hour parking available. However, you can also leave your car rental in Benin City car parks during daylight hours. These can be found in the central and northern city neighbourhoods, charge small fees for their services.

Where to Go and What to See in Benin City

Drive your car rental to Benin City’s King’s Square to see the National Museum. You can then head down Oba’s Market Road to see the buzzing markets. It’s filled with merchants from both local and neighbouring regions.

Just a four-minute drive from the Square is Ogiamen’s Palace. This mud brick house is one of the few remaining structures of Old Benin City. Then, walk down Igun Street, where artists and bronze workers show off traditional Nigerian art and metalworking.

Drive up to Ikpoba Hill to have a picnic lunch overlooking the city. If you’re up for a day trip, drive through the Nigerian countryside to Okomu National Park. Walk through the beautiful rainforest and watch for local wildlife.

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