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Beautifully untouched beyond its Westernised capital, American Samoa seems like a breath of fresh air in the secluded islands of Polynesia. Although often overlooked for Fiji and New Caledonia, this part of the Pacific shelters peaceful bays, sleepy villages, and some of the most remote yet utterly beautiful coastlines. Tourists going here will also find a relatively friendly community, as well as simple but rich culture that will encourage tourists to join in.

American Samoa features various natural attractions in its archipelago that consists of five main islands and two coral atolls. The largest and most populous island is Tutuila, as well as the Manu'a Islands. Being a territory of the United States, this group of islands is considered to be the southernmost territory. Its main trading partner is also the United States, who takes in tuna and tuna by-products, the main exports of the archipelago.

Where to go

Tutuila, which houses the capital Pago Pago, has an incredible harbour dominated by magnificent cliffs and green slopes. The island is truly beautiful with its line of coves and bays where tourists can snorkel to their hearts' content. Those who want to hike can also do so, and trek across the rugged islet of Aunu'u. Upon reaching here, one can relax on the warm sand of a deserted beach and relax the day away. One will also find here Mt Pioa, a 523-metre high mountain with a three-pronged peak. The thriving vegetation can also charm visitors out for ecotourism. When getting hungry, tourists can then move to Fagatogo Market, where one can eat out on a food stall and enjoy the fresh tang of coconuts, breadfruit, and other produce.

Manu'a Islands, about 100 kilometres away to the east of Tutuila, are also a marvel. These three islands – Ofu, Olosega, and Ta'u – are wildly beautiful in its isolation, as tourists can view here enormous cliffs with seabird colonies, volcanic cones, and quiet beaches that flow into lagoons with a colourful range of coral. Although they are separate islands, those exploring the area will find essentially the same terrain.

Thanks to a direct flight, those coming from Pago Pago can reach Honolulu within five hours or so. Away from the crowded parts of Waikiki, tourists visiting this part of Hawai'i will find plenty to appreciate, from the traditional landmarks to the Pan-Asian Chinatown. Tourists can check out the Kuhio Beach Park, where one can enjoy the waters with outrigger-canoe rides, sunset hula, and Hawai'ian music shows. It is equipped with facilities such as restrooms and outdoor showers.

After relaxing by the beach, one can then visit the Contemporary Museum, which occupies an estate with 3 ½ acres of tropical and meditative gardens. It also has various fine examples of paintings, sculpture, and other pieces of modern art from local, national, and international artists. There is also the Hawai'i Army Museum to see, which features a wide array of military paraphernalia related to the history of the islands. Exhibits start with the shark-tooth clubs of Kamehameha the Great to the photographs and stories that help understand the influence of the U.S. military presence in Hawai'i.

Those who want to see the sophisticated side of island life can venture all the way to Taipei. This breakaway capital from China makes a fun destination with its Buddhist landmarks, night markets, and a delicious array of street food. One can visit here the National Palace Museum, which features the largest and arguably finest collection of Chinese art. The vast collection features paintings, calligraphy, statuary, ceramics, jades, and several others. The historical displays are also fascinating, with some pieces dating back to the Neolithic times while some range over multiple dynasties.

There is also the Bao'an Temple to see, which features an exquisite structure loaded with traditional decorative arts. The main resident god here is Baosheng Dadi, a historic figure known for his medical skills. A rear shrine can also be found here, which is dedicated to Shengnong, the god of agriculture. One can then check out Dihua Street, where there are Chinese medicine shops and various markets. Cafes, restaurants, art studios, and antique shops are also located here, where one can spend on delightful shopping sprees.

How to get out

When aiming to visit other places from American Samoa, tourists can schedule flights at Pago Pago International Airport. Airlines serving here include Hawaiian Airlines, Inter Island Airways, and Polynesian Airlines which take passengers along Apia, Apia-Fagali'i, Honolulu, Ofu, and Ta'u.

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