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Hesse, one of the lesser known regions of Germany, has quite some popular cities in its keeping. It has in its territory, Frankfurt am Main, one of the biggest cities in the country. Its fame as a transport centre and tourist destination eclipses its mother region. The cultural attractions other than those in Frankfurt are also immense, allowing for a wide range of activities. Those who would like an alternative to active cities, however, can visit Wiesbaden, the quieter capital of Hesse. Known as a spa town, its serene atmosphere and impressive landmarks make a restful getaway for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle.
The unspoilt natural scenery is also a main draw for tourists going to visit Hesse. It has the Odenwald Forest and the hills in Taunus, Vogelsberg, and Spessart, where one can hike and explore to their hearts' content.  Those venturing to the north will also find beautiful pastoral landscapes which are made even more fascinating by the fact that this area was once the homeland of the Brothers Grimm. Such beauty made UNESCO give recognition to certain parts of the region, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and the Roman Limes, for their ecological significance.
What to see & do
Frankfurt am Main, one of the greatest cities in Germany, is a marvel to behold. One must go beyond its borders, however, to find out more about Hesse's other cities. One can start with Wiesbaden, about 40 kilometres west of Frankfurt. Tourists out to enjoy themselves can check out the commercial centre and see various historic attractions. There is the Kurhaus Wiesbaden, a neoclassical structure where once see incredibly intricate spaces with its marble floor, granite columns, and dome mosaics. A Greco-Roman statuary and a casino is also located here, which can serve an interesting yet risky venture for those looking for entertainment. The Schlossplatz is also a place to add to the itinerary, as those visiting various landmarks – Marktbrunnel, Altes Rathaus, and the Neues Rathaus – can easily set off from here.
Those out and about will find various other landmarks to check out. Tourists can start with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, the largest park in Europe. Those going here will find splendid landscapes and water displays, which can be fascinating to behold. A palace and a grand structure of Hercules can also be found here with a 250-metre cascade, which makes it a place not to miss for visitors. Tourists with a liking for fairy tales can also venture to Hanau where the Brothers Grimm were born. Their contribution to the world's culture has sustained generations’ love of stories. Those going here can look forward to a soon-to-be-opened Grimm World Kassel, which will feature the original handwritten copies of some of the fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm.
The historical legacy of Hesse is also featured in various old landmarks such as the Benedictine Abbey and Altmünster. Known for its Carolingian structure, this building is steeped in the past from its construction around 764 until the period of Reformation in the 16th century. From here, the Roman Limes also makes a sight to behold for its significance in the local culture. This 550-kilometre long and 1,800-year old frontier wall once served as a defence against Germanic tribes. The Limes also runs through four federal states from Hesse, making it a shared landmark among the neighbouring regions.
How to get around Hesse
Those going around Hesse will find a variety of public transport options. Railway transport primarily serves as the foremost choice for those venturing to faraway locations. The high-speed lines between Cologne-Frankfurt and Hannover-Würzburg are the most used, but others can also ride on other north-south connections or major east-west routes. Frankfurt also has the S-Bahn Rhein-Main with an extensive network of regional trains, allowing for easier travel. Buses are also regular with roads diverging to different parts of Hesse.
How to get there
Travellers planning to check out the views of Hesse can schedule regular or seasonal flights to Frankfurt Airport. This port of entry is a major transport route in Europe, allowing airlines to connect from various parts of the world. Those coming from Asia, Africa, and the Americas can find trips going here, which can prove to be especially convenient for those coming from faraway locations.

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