Cheap Flights to Marshall Islands

A group of flat coral Micronesian Islands, the Republic of Marshall Islands are located half-way between Hawaii and Australia. Initially under the US Administration, Marshall Islands claimed their independence in 1986 and began living their own life according to their own terms, with a little help from US, which gives compensation to the Republic as a result of its nuclear testing on some atolls between 1947 and 1962. It consists of 29 atolls and five isolated islands, of which 24 are inhabited. Carefree as they may seem like, the Marshallese are known expert fishers and navigators, having had to live on the strips of the island. Their location on the world may seem like they are isolated to the rest of the world but you will be surprised that international flavour and culture managed to swim its way through these islands. A look at their groceries and restaurants will tell you so.

Marshall Islands has two main cities that are in stark contrast with each other. Majuro Atoll, which has 53 islets under its wing, serves as the island’s national political, economic, and transport centre. Here, you can feel that you are in a modern tropical area minus the hustle and bustle of a regular city. Meanwhile, Kwajalein Atoll is a functional community that is leased to the US military for missile testing purposes, and is off limits to tourists and non-military visitors.

Despite it being the capital of the Republic of Marshall Islands, Majuro Atoll has limited sightseeing to offer. But it can be a good start for exploration. The island is generally small and can be explored by foot. The best thing to do while in here is to go the Laura Beach, which is located on the western tip of the

island. If you feel like delving out further, you can go to Eneko Island, a small atoll that is still part of Majuro Atoll. Here, you can make arrangements for overnight stays through the Hotel Robert Reimers at the small cottages.

How to get around within Marshall Islands

From the Amata Kabua International Airport, you can reach the city centre and nearby town through the available taxis and hotel transport that can be found in the airport. You can reach Laura Beach through taxi, but a cheaper alternative would be to travel via bus.

For convenience, you can reach other islands through Air Marshall Islands, which provides regular scheduled internal flights to 10 of the atolls in the Marshall Islands. However, the airline is marred with financial and technical problems so air travel within the islands is intermittent. Alternatively, you can opt for sea travel. To reach Eneko Island, you can opt for a boat ride from Uliga.

How to get there

To reach Marshall Islands, you have to fly into Amata Kabua International Airport, which is located in the western part of Rairok on the south side of Majuro Atoll, the capital of the Republic of Marshall Islands. As of present, United Airlines is the only aircraft that flies from the airport since Air Marshall Islands and other smaller carriers have been grounded for financial and safety concerns. United Airlines flies to and from Honolulu in Hawaii.  

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