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Nauru, formerly called Pleasant Island and officially the Republic of Nauru, is a potato-shaped island country in the South Pacific. It is part of the group of islands called Micronesia. With an area of 21 square kilometres, Nauru is the smallest state in the South Pacific. Nauru is also the world's second smallest state by population, the first being Vatican City. The island does not have an official capital, but the largest settlement and the seat of the parliament is the Yaren district in the south of the island.
What to see & do
Anibare Bay - The large bay in the Anibare District of eastern Nauru is called Anibare Bay. It is a little over two kilometres long and was formed by an underwater collapse of the volcano that underlies the island. The bay is a popular tourist attraction as it is a great place to go for a stroll and perhaps even a swim, but can also be very dangerous due to frequent heavy surf and rip tides.
Buada Lagoon - Buada Lagoon is a freshwater lake east of Aiwo District with an area of 0.05 square miles. The lagoon has an average depth of 78 feet, with the maximum depth of 256 feet. It is classified as an endorheic lake, as it is landlocked and there is no outflow to other bodies of water. Due to the lack of running water, the water in the Buada Lagoon is quite dirty and is not suitable for swimming in.
Command Ridge - With an elevation of 213 feet (65 metres), Command Ridge is the highest point of the island. It was the site where the Japanese kept watch in the 1940s and still contains rusted World War II guns and a communications bunker.
Former Presidents' House - Once a beautiful structure, the former Presidents' House was burned down in 2001 by a local mob who were more than dissatisfied with the government's mismanagement of the funds.
Go around the Island Ring Road - The Island Ring Road is a road that goes around the island and is only 19 kilometres long. Walk, go for a drive, or ride the bus and go around an entire country within about 25 minutes (of nonstop driving). There isn't really all that much else to do in Nauru but the scenery is nice. 
How to get around within Nauru
Nauru is a small island, so getting around is neither difficult nor time consuming. A community bus serves the island and goes around the island every hour or so. Cars or bicycles can be rented from the largest local supermarket called Capelle and Partner. Driving is on the left side of the road.
How to get there
Nauru International Airport is the only airport in the Republic of Nauru. It is solely served by the national airlines, Nauru Airlines. There are flights to the island from Brisbane Airport (Brisbane, Australia), Marshall Islands International Airport (Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands), Nadi International Airport (Nadi, Republic of Fiji), and Bonriki International Airport (Kiribati, Gilbert Islands).

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