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It might be smaller compared to its gargantuan neighbours, but there is more than meets the eye when one visits Tunisia. Officially known as the Republic of Tunisia, this country has a variety of sights that attracts millions of travellers every year. Those going here will find almost 165,000 square kilometres of land with Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.
Travellers going to Tunisia will find a combination of a mountainous region, a stretch of desert, and a large amount of fertile soil. It also enjoys a higher rate of economic growth compared to other countries in Africa due to its close relations with Europe, particularly France and Italy. This has made the country advance through economic cooperation and other programs that promoted a reasonably steady trend. Tunisia is also a member of well-known international organisations such as the Arab Maghreb Union, Arab League, African Enion, and La Francophonie among others.
What to see & do
Tunisia's coasts make nice beaches to spend a restful day for tourists out on a getaway. Djerba features a great beach escape, with its shores riddled with date palms in a relaxing environment. Those looking for accommodations can check out the main island town of Houmt Souk where one can also look for souvenirs in the various shops. Sidi Bou Said, a cliff-top village, is also another option. The small hamlet with its whitewashed alleyways and wrought-iron windows make such a picturesque sight with the Mediterranean on the background that it has been a subject of many paintings.
Historical sights also abound in this country in North Africa. Carthage, one of the cities that sent a powerful challenge to the Romans, can be found here. This city of the seafaring Phoenicians was destroyed by the Romans who defeated them by the end of the Punic Wars. Travellers going here today will find the ruins of Tophet, where the Carthaginians worshipped the sun god Baal-Ammon and the Baths of Antoninus Pius, said to be the largest outside Rome.
There is also El Djem Amphitheatre to see, which is a remarkably well-preserved relic of Roman architecture. It is one of the best examples of the amphitheatre as well as a symbol of the Roman's strong presence across North Africa. Travellers going here can walk on the corridors and trudge on the paths where ancient people once stood and watched the goings-on at the stage.
For Muslim architecture, Kairouan is one of the most well-known examples in Tunisia. The complex has a variety of mosques, madrassas, and tombs, allowing tourists to explore and gaze their fill. The panorama is striking with the minarets and domes commanding the attention of travellers. This is not the only sight in the complex to appreciate, as those going to the Medina's back alleys can feel like one is transported back in time due to the atmosphere of the place.
How to get around
A variety of transport options await travellers in Tunisia. Local buses can take one to various parts of the city and the surrounding areas. Other than this mode of transport, there are air-conditioned buses running between Tunis and most towns. One must schedule ahead of time to reserve a seat here, however. There are also louages, which are mainly large cars or minibuses. They are cheaper than buses and only leave when full. Yellow taxis are also available for those looking for quick and private transportation.
One can find in Tunisia a small train network. Travellers boarding here can go between Tunis and Sousse, as well as a select number of other destinations. Those looking for other options can take 24-hour car ferry instead, which will take one between Jorf and Ajim. There are also routes from Sfax to Kerkennah Islands for those who need to go there.
How to get there
Travellers going to Tunisia can board flights to Carthage International Airport in Tunis. Airlines serving here include: Afriqiyah Airways, Air Algérie, Air France, Alitalia, EgyptAir, Emirates, Germanwings, Libyan Airlines, Lufthansa, Nouvelair, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian, Saudia, Syphax Airlines, France, Tunisair, TunisAir Express, and Turkish Airlines.

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