Cheap Flights to Trinidad and Tobago

Two islands forming one country in the Caribbean let tourists have a view of two worlds. Trinidad and Tobago features a great combination between a prosperous oil and gas economy with an emerging tourist destination. This country just off the coast of South America can beguile visitors with its pristine mangrove swamps and rainforested hills. The country is also rich in beach spots for those who want to swim and bask in the Caribbean Sea, or engage in other water activities.
Those going to Trinidad and Tobago will also learn of its colonial heritage, which harks back to the Spaniards and British who conquered the country in the early 19th century. An economy founded on sugar and cocoa was first established, which supported the country adequately. The discovery of oil on Trinidad in 1910 begot a plentiful addition to the national income, which made this Caribbean country become one of the most prosperous in the region. 
What to see & do
Travellers will find plenty to like about their trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Its natural attractions serve a restful tour for those who want to get away from the busy city. One of the relaxing sights to see is Brasso Seco, which lies in the middle of a rainforest in the northern range of the countryside of Trinidad. Those going here will find a small village where nature lovers can hike or look out for birds. Waterfalls such as the Rouble River Wallers, Madamas Falls, and Sobo Falls can also be found here. There are also many routes to consider, such as an inland trek to Paria Bay that lets one get a picturesque view of the Paria Falls and more sights. A coastal backpacking trip, on the other hand, is available when one continues straight to Matelot to the east.
Those who want to see the beach and interact with various people can visit Maracas Bay, the most popular in the country. The white-sand beach is thick with palm trees with a backdrop of the lush sides of the mountains. Weekdays make the best time in going here, as this lets one enjoy the beach in relative privacy. There is also less competition on the cold beers and picnic shelters, which allows one to take it slow and relax by the seashore.
There is also the Tobago Forest Reserve to see here, which lets one explore the protected countryside and see the thriving fauna. This area is the perfect spot for birdwatchers, as the reserve is a frequent destination for the dancing blue-backed manakin and other species. Various mammals, frogs, non-poisonous snakes, butterflies, and other invertebrates can also be found here, which can delight ecotourists.
Birdwatchers will also be delighted with a trip to the Asa Wright Nature Centre. This nature resort makes a nice spot to watch out for 159 avian species such as oilbirds, white-bearded manakins, and golden-headed manakins. A large variety of hummingbirds can also be found here, as well as tropical mockingbirds, purple honeycreepers, and many others.
How to get around
Travellers exploring the country can do so on buses, which ply routes going between various cities and towns. It is cheaper compared to other modes of transport. Regular taxis are also available for those going on shorter routes. They are unmetered, but the government has set fares ready, so one must ask around at hotel desks and tourist offices about a list of fares. Travellers will need to establish the amount of fare before boarding the taxis.
One can also hire cars to get to the various destinations in the two islands. Boats make an alternative method, however, with two to four departures daily from both islands. Travellers will have to buy their tickets as far as possible in advance of the Carnival season, which is the most popular festival in the country.
How to get there
Travellers making their way to Trinidad and Tobago can book connecting trips to Piarco International Airport. Those going here can look for the following airlines which fly regularly to the area: American Airlines, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Conviasa, Copa Airlines, Insel Air, JetBlue Airways, LIAT, Surinam Airways, United Airlines, and WestJet.

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