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You might find it hard to believe that Victor Hugo went here upon his exile from France in 1851. And who wouldn’t want to consider spending some time here? A loose group of beautiful islands floating in the English Channel, Guernsey is a mix of tropical feel with a relatively peaceful town. The main Guernsey Island is relatively smaller than Jersey and adorned with a small town, Saint Sampson, and a quaint capital, the St. Peter Port. Outside the Guernsey Island, you will be surprised to find out that despite Alderney’s reputation as the place with the highest concentration of pubs, crime rate is close to none, making it one of the safest destinations on earth to visit. For non-smokers, visiting Sark would be a literal breath of fresh air, as this is the only Channel Island that has a smoking ban in pubs, bars, and restaurants. From here, you can observe the private property of twin British millionaires, the Brecquou Island. It might be hard to justify what Victor Hugo found here upon his exile, but it is sure worth a try to visit.

Where to go

In Guernsey, you will find it hard to miss the Hauteville House, which used to be the resident of Victor Hugo when he was exiled from France. The house saw the birth of the world renowned Les Miserables. You could feel Hugo’s personal touch all over the Hauteville House, which was surprisingly preserved as it was. Hugo used to make do-it-yourself scheme, using mundane objects in creating extraordinary pieces. An example would be the candelabra made out of bobbins. If you want to get a glimpse of Victor Hugo’s eccentric personality, you should visit the Hauteville House.

In Alderney, you can simply roam around St. Anne, simply referred to as The Town. Here, you can help yourself to good cafes, restaurants, and pubs. The island itself is only three miles long so you can easily get to and fro by walking or by cycling. When night-time falls, it is best to retreat to Sark, which became the first Dark Sky Island recognised by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). There is little light pollution here, which makes it one of the best destinations on earth for stargazing. Be prepared to see the entirety of Milky Way from horizon to horizon.

Short Haul

From Guernsey Airport, you can reach other nearby destinations such as Bristol and Southampton in United Kingdom. Visiting and seeing the fourth city of choice in England among tourists might jolt awake your musical senses. Bristol is known as the nest of a thriving music scene, with its pinnacle booming louder in 1991 when Massive Attack released their album “Blue Lines” which captures the world with its cool, laid back vibe. The cool laid back vibe envelopes the city’s entire landscape, seeping through Victorian and Georgian architectures. Deemed as one of Britain’s attractive cities with its culture and nightlife, Bristol is best explored during summer season.

Long Haul 

From Guernsey Airport, you can only reach nearby destinations within Europe and most notably, United Kingdom. Apart from the usual flight links in United Kingdom, the airport also offers seasonal services to Norwich, Edinburgh, and Belfast. The farthest destinations Guernsey Airport serves would be Stuttgart and Dusseldorf in Germany, offered on a seasonal basis and reachable in less than two hours.

How to get out

To get out of Guernsey, you have to fly out of the Guernsey Airport. The airport is being serviced by Aurigny Air Services, the official flag carrier of Guernsey. It is also being served by airlines such as Blue Islands and Flybe, which flies to London, Manchester, Southampton, Jersey, Alderney, Birmingham, and Bristol.  

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