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Jordan or officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an Arab kingdom in western Asia. It is located on the east bank of the Jordan River, and is bordered by Asian land giants Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and Israel. After the post-World War I division of West Asia by France and the Great Britain, the Emirate of Transjordan was officially recognised by the Council of the League of Nations in 1922. In 1946, Jordan became a sovereign state, which is officially known by its current name. The country’s capital and largest city is Amman.
Where to go
Amman - Amman is a two-pronged cultural city that is considered as the beating heart of Jordan. It is cultural and modern at once, traditional and stark at another, and is a beautiful Arab city that is like no other. Though it has never rivalled the beauty of Cairo nor Damascus, it still is at par with them – surprising at each turn because of its modernity and familiar at every glance due to its cultural heritage.
Petra - In itself, the city of Petra is a spectacular wonder. It was built in the third century by the Nabateans, who carved palaces, temples, tombs, storerooms, and stables from sandstone cliffs. From these structures came control – control of the trade routes from Damascus and Arabia. Great spice, silk, and slave caravans passed through this wonderful creation of a city, which only enriched the already opulent surroundings. Taxes, as well as exchange of cultures and ideas happened in its beautiful walls, while in a short time, its locals have mastered more advances such as hydraulic engineering, iron production, copper refining, sculpture, and stone carvings.
Aqaba - A popular destination to locals from the north and even Saudians and other ethnicities, Aqaba is an obvious place to take a break from journeys between Israel and the Palestinian territories which also cover Egypt. It has an idyllic setting and a balmy weather – relaxing and refreshing. Diving and snorkelling are the current main attractions in the area; and while it is not as extensive as Egypt, it still is a great place to spend a couple of days in while exploring the brilliance of its underwater treasures.
From Jordan, travellers may explore more places in West and Central Asia, or even fly to the Arabian Peninsula and explore the countries there. Popular hotspots include Saudi Arabia and its many cities, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan and Iran. Other travellers may also prefer going to other areas such as Morocco and Egypt, which are similar in ethnicity but different in many ways.
Long haul destinations from Jordan include the many European cities that are reachable through the Queen Alia International Airport. Travellers will delight in visiting places such as Madrid, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, and Rome. Other destinations to discover also include areas in North America, including Montreal (Canada), Chicago, Miami, and New York (United States), and South-East Asia including Hong Kong.
How to get out
The Queen Alia International Airport is the main airport serving the country and its capital, Amman. Airlines that travel to and from the destination include Royal Jordanian, Saudia, flydubai, Ukraine International Airlines, and many others.

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