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Found between the high wall of the Himalaya and the jungles of the Indian plains, Nepal is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries, and mantras. The country is located in South Asia, bordered by the People's Republic of China, and the Indian states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, and Sikkim.

The country is home to eight of the world's tallest mountains; its claim to fame being the tallest and highest point on Earth, which is Mount Everest. Locally called Sagarmatha, the mountain peaks at 29,029 feet above sea level, and is an impressive work of nature crowning the Himalayan mountain ranges. Meanwhile, the country's capital, Kathmandu, is an interesting city which embraces the new age while taking care and nurturing the classics; a fair mother to her children. Kathmandu is the only metropolitan city in the country, so-called Mahanagarpalika. Get to know this country of beauty and tradition, of culture and elegance – a truly Asian experience in the continent's southern region.

Where to go

Swayambhunath in Kathmandu – A site on a hill overlooking the city with a large stupa and other Buddhist and Hindu iconography, the Swayambhunath or the Monkey Temple is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Nepal, found in the capital of country. Aside from the spectacular views of the city up the hill and the ancient carvings in every available space, the temple is crowded with monkeys interacting with visitors who give them treats. At the top of the 350-step stairs is the temple and the Boudha Stupa, and a few conveniences for travellers such as restaurants, and retailers.

Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu – The Garden of Dreams, or Garden of Six Seasons, is a classical historical garden found in Kathmandu, Nepal. Originally built in 1920, the garden was renovated and revamped with the partnership of the local government of Kathmandu and the Austrian government, bringing life to the beautiful haven of flora.

Bodnath Stupa in Boudha – Built in AD 600, the Bodnath Stupa is the first stupa built when the Tibetan king, Songsten Gampo, was converted to Buddhism. According to local stories, the king constructed the stupa as an act of penance after unwittingly killing his father. In the 14th century, the original stupa was destroyed by Mughal invaders, but it was reconstructed afterwards. Physically, the stupa is one of the more graceful and pure stupas in Bodnath and even in Nepal. From its whitewashed dome to its gilded tower painted with the all-seeing eyes of Buddha, the monument is highly symbolic and serves as a dimensional reminder of the Buddha's path toward enlightenment.

Lumbini – The great birthplace of Siddharta Gautama or more commonly known as the 'Enlightened' Buddha, the World Heritage-listed Lumbini is of huge religious significance and attracts Buddhist pilgrims to around the world. The Maya Devi Temple can be visited here, which marks the spot where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to the Buddha. In the adjoining sacred garden, travellers may find the pillar of Ashoka, ancient ruins of stupas, and monks congregating under a Bodhi fig decorated with prayer flags.

India – Touch down through the Indira Gandhi International Airport and discover spicy and exotic India with all its glory. Visit sites in the capital New Delhi, dive to the different destinations in Mumbai, Bengal, and Goa, and check out the coasts in Chenai and Odisha.

Malaysia – Visit this multicultural country brimming with Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Bornean influences, as well as a wild jungle of orang-utans, granite peaks, remote tribes, and lush forests. Not only that, get to know its capital, Kuala Lumpur, and experience a truly Asian experience in the pulsing city and its skyline.

Oman – A country gifted with rich heritage and an embracing society, Oman will present travellers with a real glimpse of the Arabia's culture and beauty that is beyond compare.

Brazil – Visit the largest South American country and bask in its exotic splendour: untouched rainforests and important basins such as the Amazon, hedonistic festivals, and a whole lot of merry-making citizens who love to receive visitors in their home. A connecting flight is in order when flying here, so make sure to check out available flight carriers from the departure point.

Madagascar – Lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, beaches, desert, and a whole lot of activities, Madagascar is the perfect destination for all nature and outdoor lovers, and half the fun is getting to the destinations. The journey itself is a whole new challenge, and defying the points of interest is something to remember for a lifetime.

Germany – Fly down to this republic in western-central Europe and experience its rich history, cultural heritage, and beer festivals renowned across the continents.

How to get out

To get out of the beautiful country of Nepal, travellers are advised to go on a land travel and fly out using the Tribhuvan International Airport, the only international airport in Nepal. Airlines that travel to the destination include Agni Air, Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Sita Air, Tara Air, Yeti Airlines, and many others. Cheap flights can be booked using Skyscanner, the online resource of the cheapest flights.

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